Miley Cyrus wanted to take control of the narrative with hints at her ex on new album

Miley Cyrus has it all! After the success of the release of her last album, the singer lives a great moment in her life, after all the suffering with the end of her toxic marriage with actor Liam Hemsworth, who was even the “protagonist” of her new songs.

A source close to the artist spoke to People magazine who published the information.“She is healthier and happier than ever. Everyone blamed her for the divorce and called her a wild child, but that wasn’t fair. Their relationship and marriage was toxic and she was heartbroken.”said the contact.

Miley and Liam met in 2009 and the relationship was marked by many ups and downs, before getting married in 2018. The divorce process was finalized in February 2020. The star even compared in an interview in 2020, her relationship with the actor with an addiction, that they had a lot of conflicts and that it felt like a relapse when she got back to him.

According to an informant for the North American magazine, the singer feels prepared to “Tell your side of the story” after “take time to process and heal” of separation. The source says that she is not trying to hurt Liam, but that she feels entitled to maintain control of the narrative after everyone criticized her after the breakup.

Miley is dating musician Maxx Morando (24) and according to another source, the singer appreciates Maxx’s discreet way and that he has no interest in being a big celebrity and that Miley likes these qualities. He claims that Miley can be herself and that they support each other’s careers and that she is enjoying life and that everything is going great.

One person told Radar Online that the singer tried to contact her ex-husband several times before releasing ‘Flowers’, one of the songs full of hints at the hunger games star. She reports that Miley wanted to do some emotional healing and hoped that she and Hemsworth could find a way to be friends again, however, Liam has not returned her contact attempts and has informed through others that he does not want any contact with her.

The song makes several references to the ex and the release took place on January 13, Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. The song will feature on Miley’s upcoming album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’.


Excerpt from the song “Flowers” by singer Miley Cyrus with several hints to her ex, Liam Hemsworth. Video: Playback/Instagram/@mileycyrus

Miley recently bought a house in Malibu, California, next to Liam’s house. “I think Liam’s biggest fear right now is running into Miley at the supermarket”said a friend.

Featured Photo: Miley Cyrus. Playback/Instagram/@mileycyrus

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