Minecraft Begins A New Story

Minecraft A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS -Tell a new story with Marketplace-

Psst! See that door over there? It’s huge, and I definitely didn’t. I’ve been sitting here minding my own business tending my farmharvesting too many eggs, and the door appeared! Of nothing! I know January is all about new things (let alone a whole new year), so could this gate lead to…a new biome? A new world? Or maybe something even bigger: a new adventure?

I’ll be the first to admit that I tell the same story in each of my worlds of Minecraft: the peaceful drifter spawns next to a chest (Who disables the starting chest option? I need those carrots!) and immediately search for a grassland biome. Then I build some fences, find a wandering merchant, I borrow some clues (I’m so sorry, you call, they don’t deserve it), and so it begins my epic task: start another farm! My story also always ends the same way: with me wondering if I could find a better, bigger, or more flowery prairie biome in a new seed.

I’m definitely ready for a new adventure, but Where do I begin? Should I hang up my hoe or start fighting with it? Should I ditch my leashes or swing in the trees with them? **

Luckily for me, there is a place that I can visit for all kinds of inspiration; from ideas of RPGs to full minigameswhy Minecraft Marketplace it is full of content to help players like me to start a new story. And if I still can’t make up my mind, I can lean on the handy content packs at marketplace to inspire me!

**Technically it is not possible, because you cannot tie trees. You can jump off the top of a cliff with the leash still around your horse, but the leash will break and your horse will only watch as you plummet 64 blocks to the ground.


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The market is huge, you may be wondering where to start. Why not start with the two new content packs: the packs Dinosaur and Skyblock*? Think of them as a bag of themed goodies to pick and mix, each filled with packs of skins, adventures, and even some Minecoins to help you try new things!

The package Skyblock allows you to explore one of the most iconic styles of play in the marketplace: the Adventures of Skyblock! If you’ve never tried one of these maps before, it involves you standing on a single block and doing something that feels incredibly dangerous: mining the block you’re standing on for resources! Fortunately, these blocks regenerate and are often full of surprises. The package Skyblock includes the adventures Original Skyblock and Infinity Skyblockplus a cloud hoodie, the emoticon elytra and more!

If you prefer to keep your legs on the ground, then the dinosaur pack It is much more full of lizards and it comes not with one, nor with two, but with three dinosaur adventures! Walk among dinosaurs, tame them, ride them, the choice is yours! Did I mention there are also two lizard-themed skins and some adorable character items? Dino Dressing Room?

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I love the idea of ​​picking and mixing candy almost as much as the idea of ​​embarking on a new adventure, and thought it would be selfish to keep all of this to myself! That’s why a group of intrepid writers and I are about to throw off the comfortable sheets of our cozy farmhouses, interior design masterpieces, deep-fighting, and agility maps, each opening a door to The unknown.

What journey awaits behind the door we choose? Find out each week as we dive into a surprise new map and put our very specific skills to a very different test! What door would you choose? And what would you find there? If you can’t wait to find out, head over to Minecraft Marketplace and take a look at the type of content we could dive into.

*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). minecoins not compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition. Playstation tokens issued instead of Minecoins on Playstation.

Minecraft is a construction and adventure game developed by Mojang Studios. Released in 2011, it has been a huge success around the world and has been downloaded more than 176 million times. The game is available on various platforms including PC, game consoles, and mobile devices.

In Minecraft, players can build structures and objects with blocks, explore a randomly generated world, and battle monsters. The game has two main modes.: survival modein which players must find resources and build shelters to protect themselves from monsters, and creative mode, in which players have access to all resources and can build without restrictions.

The game also has an active community of players, who have created a lot of additional content, including mods, skins, maps, and textures. Minecraft it has been named game of the year at various awards and has been included in the list of the best games of all time.

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