Minecraft Extreme: know the list of the 39 finalists

Minecraft It has become the most popular video game in twitch. For this reason, AuronPlay has decided to create his own and organize Minecraft Extremea series where various content creators demonstrate their ability to survive.

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So far, 39 participants have made it to the finals, which – according to the Spaniard himself – plans to emulate a dynamic from the books of The Hunger Games.

List of 39 finalists

After several weeks of stiff competition, 39 people They have reached the final of Minecraft Extreme, which will take place on February 6 and 7.

There were big names that couldn’t make it to this point, such as ElRubius, but fans are already counting the days to meet the first winner.

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The finalists are: Alecuatro, AriGameplays, Aroyitt, AuronPlay, Axozer, Bijín, Breifr9, Deqiuv, DessT3, Elisawavess, ElPerita, xTheFocusx, Folagor, Genesis, Goes, Ibai, Jacky, JCorko, Josecristo, Karchez, Luh, MissAndie, Nexxuz, Nia Lakshart, Noni, Ollie, Quackity, Reborn, Rioboo, Robleis, Roier, Shadowune, Spreen, xxStratusxx, Tanizen, Vicens, Volcano, Xokas and Zornamn.

What is Minecraft Extreme?

Is a Serie where players compete to see who is the last one to remain standing.

Each of the competitors has three lives, which they must take care of at all costs. There are various tests and the organizers can surprise them by putting more obstacles on their way.

The winner of the series will receive a diplomawhich has special recognition from the creators.

When will be the end of Minecraft Extreme?

The series finale is scheduled to be held on the days February 6 and 7.

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