Minecraft not loading more than 66%? Apply update 1.19.71!

The usual player of Minecraft You are aware that a new update, although it can come with a lot of improvements, can also bring some unpleasant surprises. This is the case of the previous version of the world-famous mining and construction video game, since it could do that, in certain situations (that is, it did not always happen or to everyone), the game will not load beyond 66%, regardless of the platform you played it on.

Minecraft Bedrock version 1.19.71 fix list

It is one of the corrections that brings with it patch 1.19.71 for Minecraft Bedrock, an update that comes to solve a variety of annoying errors, some specific to certain platforms. Playing with a PC user friend, did he tell you that he was not able to see the text of the signs? It was possibly because of having ray tracing activated! Luckily this error has been corrected, as well as the rest of the list that you will see below.

  • Fixed issue that could cause the game to hang at 66% load while loading at startup (MCPE-168284).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when starting up on iOS.
  • Fixed bug where player names would not appear in the environment or through walls (MCPE-168269).
  • Fixed a bug that caused banner text to not display when ray tracing was active on PC (MCPE-167638).
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to load incorrect data when starting a local match after connecting. to an online server or Realm (MCPE-164765).
  • Players can now activate the option that enables text-to-speech transcription, if supported, before launching the game.

And so we move forward with new corrections while the highly anticipated version 1.20 arrives, which will bring, among other interesting novelties, the customization of armor, cherry trees, environmental particles, the Sniffer mob with its respective plants, hanging signs, objects related to archeology, such as patterns for vases, strange sand, etc., new biomes

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