Minecraft: You are arrested for threatening to kill you

Death threats are not a joke and cannot be justified simply by a video game like Minecraft. Find out the details here.

A user of 4chan, the website that has grown over the years as the cradle of different internet activist projects, has made a death threat to Mike Chitwood, a Florida sheriff, protecting himself with the phrase “in Minecraft.” However, this was not enough for him to evade conviction and be arrested.

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Mike Chitwood is a sheriff who has publicly defended Jewish communities that received anti-Semitic messages and comments. This apparently upset Richard Golden, a 4chan user who posted a comment on that social network: “just shoot Chitwood in the head and it’s no longer a problem.” He then ended his message by separately writing “in Minecraft”.

Screenshot of Chitwood's message on 4chan.  Source: @AlKapDC.  Death threat
Screenshot of Chitwood’s message on 4chan. Fountain: @AlKapDC

After realizing the fact of the death threat, the authorities (including the FBI) ​​found the Golden address. Detectives were able to track Golden to an address in New Jersey, Chitwood said. Besides, they said their investigation revealed that he is anti-government and against the use of laws.

According to what Fox35 explains, Golden finally admitted the death threat and that he will be extradited to Florida. “Once he is extradited, he will be housed in the happiest place on earth: the Volusia County Secondary Jail,” Chitwood commented. I can’t wait to meet him when I get off the plane«.

It seems that Minecraft will no longer be a valid excuse to make a death threat and Chitwood has referred to that.

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