More than 22 million accounts were banned for cheating in PUBG Mobile in 2022


krafton revealed this week that it has banned more than 22 million accounts on PUBG Mobile for cheating in the past year. In 2022, the company invested heavily in the fight against players who gained an illegal competitive advantage during the games.

In addition to all the programs released to prevent players from using illegal cheats during PUBG Mobile matches, Krafton also used players who became investigators and helped detect suspicious accounts. The system is already used in other competitive games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Total, 22,423,555 accounts were banned for using hacks that gave illegal advantages in PUBG Mobile games. Among the main reasons that led to the ban is the use of cheats that allow the use of X-rays during the game. This makes it possible to find opponents scattered across the map.

PUBG MOBILE Global Launch Trailer

According to the data presented by Krafton, just over half of the bans were due to the use of cheats that gave players this advantage. There are also the hacks that allowed players to better shoot opponents.

Misleading ads were also removed.

In an effort to curb the cheating culture in PUBG Mobile, Krafton also took action outside of the game and worked to remove cheat ads for battle royale. The company said more than 467,000 ads on networks and BLOGS were removed, to prevent new players from having access to this type of content.

The ads had more than 7 billion views and followers, as well as infecting various platforms. Most of them were present on YouTube, with 284,332 ads removed. In addition, platforms such as Instagram (20,063), Facebook (5,849) and TikTok (231,485) also they were carefully chosen by the developer.

These are the main reasons for bans in PUBG Mobile

  • X-ray vision hacks (53%)
  • Auto aim tricks (24%)
  • Area Damage Mod (21%)
  • Speed ​​tricks (10%)
  • Other reasons (5%)

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