Movistar Riders, the return of a historic

Lhe riders are, without a doubt, one of the teams that have stood out the most in the history of esports in our country. Movistar Riders has grown and competed in different games, from Counter Strike or VALORANT, and has also done so in League of Legends.

Some of the best have passed through this team, which until recently also boasted of having a prolific academy. However, in recent seasons they did not have good results. Now they could change their luck.

Rising of the Horsemen

Movistar Riders participated in the formerly called Superliga Orange since 2017. They have come close to glory on several occasions since then, but their moment came in the summer of 2020. After a turbulent spring, the team destroyed the summer split.

To start the year, Jarge, who was his coach at the time, decided to trust a rookie who came from the academy, Elyoya.. Despite the fact that he is now known worldwide, and is considered one of the best junglers in the world, at that time it was a risky decision.

Javier Prades came from the amateur, and because of that there were those who did not trust him. However, it was improving, and in the spring of 2020 the team finished the regular phase in third position, and managed to reach the Playoffs and reach the final, in which they lost against Vodafone Giants.

However, in summer came the real explosion. The team, which had beasts like Rhuckz, Javaa or Xicoo accompanying them, hit the key, and finished the regular season 14-4. Elyoya racked up seven MVP’s, shattering the statsand led the team to the Super League title.

2023, a new dawn

Three years have passed since then. There have been many changes, and in recent times they have not achieved good results in the Spanish competition. In the spring of 2022 they finished the regular phase as sixth, losing against KOI in the Playoffs. In summer, a tenth position brought them close to relegation.

But 2023 is different. The Madrid team has almost completely changed the team. Only Fresskowy, the midlaner, and Marky, in top, remain from last year. As ADCarry, Supa has arrived from G2 Arctic, and he has done so accompanied by Alvaro, one of the best supports in the competition. Finally, the Frenchman Isma has arrived in the jungle.

With these three variations, as well as with Melzhet and Disgrace as coach and assistant, who landed in Riders from G2 Arctic and Jokers respectively, Movistar Riders faces Team Heretics today, the all-powerful team that won the spring split. We will see if they are able to return to the top.

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