NAVI has the VCT EMEA between eyebrows

NAVI continues in second place and does not miss his appointment with victory, this time he defeated Karmine Corp with a 2-0 and is still in the fight for the first place in the VCT EMEA. For their part, the French remain bottom of the standings with a single victory. also won BBL Esportswho got his first win against Team Vitality with a 2-0.

NAVI chases the lead

The first duel between NAVI and Karmine Corp It was for the Ukrainians, although it was tight and they suffered to get 13-11 on the map of Ascent.

The match started well NAVI who took the round of pistols. They did a good come in to the if you from B where cNed and SUYGETSU they were very good with two kills each. The start of the Ukrainians was spectacular and they did not slow down in the first rounds.

They placed the bonus round with a come in frantic to if you from B where they cleaned the area very quickly and planted the spike with ease. They stayed in a 2 vs 4 and the defenders decided to keep their weapons so as not to be financially bad. The first point on the scoreboard for Karmine Corp It arrived in the sixth round where they did a difficult task, they defended well and they took the echo round, they made a good retake and they woke up

The French improved from that moment and managed to equalize the game to finish the first half 6-6. The change of sides suited him well. NAVI to regain confidence, they defended well 4 rounds in a row and put land in the middle of the scoreboard.

The game escaped the boys from Karmine Corp that they were against the ropes, and although they reacted in the final rounds they could not do anything to prevent the victory of NAVI.

In the second confrontation in Lotus was more dominated by for than NAVI that shone with an offensive festival. However, the beginning was better for Karmine Corp who took the first two rounds with the whole team at a very good level. The answer of NAVI was to cut the bonus round of the French, ANGE1 he drew a double kill being at 4 life points, but ended up falling. SUYGETSU and Shao they took one kill each, and cNed closed the round.

The first half was dominated by the French who went 7-5 where in the last round ScreaM signed a spectacular ACE. However, in the second part NAVI was a gale that passed over them, the Ukrainians did not concede a single round and they traced the match placing the final 13-7.

The entries in the sites they were very good with a cNed brave who took several openkills. all the roster he was very connected and finally they took the victory to stay in the second position of the VCT EMEA.

BBL Esports savors victory

The Turks get their first victory of the divided and they are placed in the eighth position, they defeated Team Vitality that marks the positions of playoffs in the sixth place.

The duel in Ascent It was marked by the defensive game where both teams were better than in the offensive. started QtionerX strong the meeting signing a 4k in the pistol round with a come in spectacular to the site of B. Vitality He answered with the echo round, with a triple kill of MOLSI in it if you from A.

Vitality was going to take the lead on the scoreboard with a round flawless with Destrian and MOLSI at a spectacular level. The wasps were good in defense and went into the break with an advantage on the scoreboard, the result was 7-5. However, in the second half BBL reacted and how.

The defense of the Turks was almost perfect, they only conceded one round and made a spectacular comeback. They put the padlock on both sites and completely annulled the offensive game of Team Vitality. In this way they made the comeback and placed the final 13-8.

In Haven the boys of BBL Esports they signed a scandalous first half, once again they were brilliant in the defensive game which gave them the victory. In the round of pistols they carried out a retake in it if you from B where they made perfect use of the numerical superiority.

The defense was unbreakable and Team Vitality He couldn’t find the key to overcome it, the Turks were going to win 8 rounds in a row, which made the game very difficult for the wasps. The first half left the game very on track games in favor of those of QtionerXwith a result of 9-3.

However, the change of sides suited those of Twisten they reacted immediately. They got several consecutive rounds from defense, but the lead was too big and BBL Esports he took the victory with a 13-9.

NAVI still in second position waiting for what he does fnatic that cannot fail. For his part, BBL Esports adds the first victory of the season and the next game against Heretics It is key for both teams.

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