Neighbors arrested an attacker at an ATM in Santiago de Cuba

neighbor of santiago de cuba they arrested an accused attacker Who, in the company of another person, tried this Thursday to rob a woman who was withdrawing cash ATM,

“Last night, an alleged attacker was captured by residents in the Pastorita district of Santiago de Cuba. “The incident occurred at an ATM near the Juan Bruno Zayas Surgical Clinical Hospital,” the Cuban dissident said. yosmani myetta labrada,

Screenshot Facebook / Yosmani Mayetta Labrada

In a publication on his social networks, the activist shared the testimony of neighbors who witnessed the events, as well as a video recorded by one of them in which it can be seen the moment in which the police detained the alleged criminal. I took it.

A resident of the area said that “two boys tried to attack a woman who was withdrawing money from the ATM.” According to his story, a man came to the victim’s rescue “and one of them hit him, he fell to the ground unconscious and was taken to the Clinical Surgical Hospital.”

After the incident, one of the alleged attackers “ran away”, but “local residents managed to catch one of them.”

He said, “The alleged perpetrator was wearing a white sweater with the image of Che Guevara, as shown in the photo, and was recognized by neighbors because, previously, he had been selling basic necessities that were lacking on the Cuban table. Was,” Mayetta said. Labrada.

Similarly, the worker condemned the delay and indifference in the works National Revolutionary Police (PNR)whose agents arrived at the scene “after a long time” and justified their delay by saying, “If they had tied up the culprit, there would have been no problem.”

At the time of writing this note, the identity of the captive is unknown, for which Mayeta Labrada asked for civil cooperation to know the evolution of the person attacked.

Such scenes are repeated with increasing frequency on the island, where Crimeattack, Robbery And crime is increasingIn the midst of Cuba’s worst socioeconomic crisis ever.

At the end of February, neighbors and passers-by They arrested a thief who attacked an elderly woman In the Díaz de Octubre municipality in Havana.

In a video circulated on social networks, an angry crowd watches the moment the man is put into a police patrol car after the arrest. In the recording, someone can be heard claiming that the youth attacked a man, although he did not say what was stolen.

At the end of December, many neighbors They chased down and caught a thief in Havana who attacked an elderly man leaving an ATM, The suspect was eventually arrested by a police officer.

“He attacked an elderly man at the Ayestern and 19 de Mayo bank when he was withdrawing money from the ATM, the youth who supported him from La Pera Park chased him, the police officer was passing by the place and moved on To arrest him,” the lawyer and influencer said on Instagram Juan Juan AlmeidaWho shared a video of the arrest.

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