Neuro Sama, the first AI streamer that has shocked all of Twitch

Within Twitch we have been able to see content creators of all kindsbut this streamer today is likely to take the cake: Neuro Sama is an artificial intelligence that has managed to attract the attention of Twitch users with their gameplays and their way of interacting with the chat. Most people would be very skeptical when hearing about a streamer AI, but this first experiment has surprised many for its effectiveness.

That an artificial intelligence is capable of play an open world game like Minecraft is surprising in itself, but that it is also capable of interact with comments that are emerging in the chat is the last straw. Of course, this is a first experience with lots of things to perfect and there are situations where the AI ​​is unable to keep up or detect the true intent of the messages being posted in the chat. Even so, it is admirable that a person has been able to develop all the features of this AIso that she can function as an interesting streamer.

It is likely that the great success of this AI-streamer is due to the interest that it always generates something so new, and that over time ends up losing most of its viewers. The truly important thing about this matter is that Neuro Sama opens up a whole world of possibilities future in terms of entertainment provided by AIs. It will be a matter of time before their programmers learn enough to perfect them, to the point that they are barely distinguishable from a normal Vtuber. Although people paying for their subscriptions may be a little tough for them!

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