New Ahri skin added to test servers

Finally, one of the most popular characters in League of LegendsAhri, who had had an update on the way for a long time, has gotten an art and sustainability update, which means she focuses entirely on her appearance and visual effects.

That’s right, rather than in gameplay and abilities, but given how many skins it has Ahri and the love that its players have, continues to be one of the most anticipated updates for any champion. And as of this week, it’s now finally available on the game’s test servers for people to try it out with Riot Games sharing a preview too, for those who just want to see the results of the update.

Previews of the update have been revealed before, but this one shared on Saturday is by far the most comprehensive. A PBE video shared by the official League of Legends Twitter account that is over six minutes long and shows off Ahri’s updated ability effects for her base skin, as well as the rest of her many cosmetics.

That’s pretty much all the video is about, but six minutes should give you an idea of ​​how many skins Ahri has. Additionally, a couple of illustrations of some of Ahri’s many cosmetics were shared, shortly after the video was released.

While Ahri’s ability effects and overall visuals make up a big part of the champion’s ASU, her voice and script are also getting an update. Riot Games addressed this in one of Ahri’s recent ASU posts and said that the champion was in a unique place with this update since she was also in the game’s lore Ruined King: A League of Legends.

So now, Riot was left with the decision of whether their script should focus on earlier or later versions of Ahri in regards to her involvement in that game, with the team ultimately deciding the latter.

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