New album for Liam Gallagher, an unreleased album from Bashung, Lady Gaga in Fortnite… “Music” news of the week!

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  • – “Liam Gallagher and John Squire” by Liam Gallagher. Thirty years after Oasis’ debut, Liam Gallagher releases a new album on Friday, again without his brother (with whom he has now been estranged for almost fifteen years) but with John Squire (former guitarist of the Stone Roses).

    – “The Retort” by Olivia Ruiz. After two successful novels and an eight-year absence from the discography, the artist released on Friday a new album, “The Reply”, the sixth of his career.

    – “Golden Cage” by Fada Freddy. The Senegalese singer and rapper, who was discovered in France in 2015 with his remarkable album “Gospel Journey” (recorded with vocals and only body percussion), returns with a second solo album after seven years of silence Are.

    – “Edgar Is Dead” by Edgar. After two EPs, one album and over 7 million streams, Amiens pop-rock duo Edgar makes a spectacular return with a new rock album “Edgar Is Dead”. Veering between The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys via The Hives, Edgar gets the guitars roaring and it’s very, very, good! To listen immediately!

    – “We’ve Been Here Before” by Chinese Man. Six years after their last album, “Shikantaza”, Chinese Man are back with a back-to-basics album. Between hip-hop, electro, dub, jazz, trip-hop and even funk, the DJ trio never ceases to surprise us! Make a note in your diaries: On November 22, 2025, The Chinese Man will perform on stage at the Zénith de Paris.

    – “The Mandrake Project” by Bruce Dickinson. The 65-year-old rocker (leader of heavy metal band Iron Maiden) is back on the scene with a new solo album after 19 years!

    – “Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album” by Kaiser Chiefs. British band Kaiser Chiefs returns with their eighth studio album.

    – “Gangbusters Melody Club” by Caravan Palace. Throughout their 20-year career, Caravan Palace have constantly played with conventions and musical styles to impose their hybrid and unclassifiable pop over time. Five years after their last studio album, the group is back with “Gangbusters Melody Club”.

    – “Continuum” by Luke Anger. Composers Luke Anger and Joseph Chedid, former members of the group Birdie Hunt and Crayon, released a new EP on Friday March 1, which invites us to dive into a sonic universe where past and future merge into a harmonious continuum. Are.

    – “Rabe” of Aynur. Aynur is an emblematic and essential figure of Kurdish culture, who has been combining the traditional music of his native country with the influences of jazz, pop and classical music from the West for over 25 years. With his eighth album, “Rabe”, the artist brings together many aspects of his career spanning over 20 years. Note that she will be in concert at the Rennes Opera on March 13.

    – “Jesse Vol. 4” by Jacob Collier. The British singer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist releases a new opus this Friday, March 1. We get, specifically, the title “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with John Legend and Tori Kelly.

  • 2 Bretons in the spotlight

  • – “He’s Mine” by Gwendolyn. Les Rennais de Gwendoline are releasing their second album, seven years after their first opus. make no mistake! Behind this sweet name of Gwendoline hide Pierre Barrett and Michel Olivet, a Nanto-Brestois tandem. Note that the group will perform at the Vauban in Brest on March 16 and at the Hydrophone in Lorient on March 22.

    – “To Dust” by From Grey. The album “To Dust” by Nantes indie folk group From Gray was released on 1 March. After releasing an EP in 2015, then a debut duo album under the name Ronan in 2018, the group changed their name to From Grey, and now performs as a trio. discover !

    – “Hope” by Cecil A. After the covers album, “Little Light of Mine”, in 2020, Lorient singer Cécile A presents her first folk-pop-soul album in French and English. Note that the artist will be in concert at City, Lorient on March 9 at 8:30 pm.

    – “Dance Dance Dance” by Julian Apalache. After the first EP, “C’est comme ça”, (2020), Julien Appalache (former Parisian who settled in Lanildut in the Iroise region) released the single “La Reine” at the end of August 2023, his first citation. . The debut album “Sorry for the Inconvenience” will be released in September 2024. On February 29, he published a second excerpt from this future masterpiece: “Dance Dance Dance”. A refreshing breath of fresh air on Made in France Pop!

  • 3 week surprise

  • -A new excerpt from Ellen Bashung. They are little “nuggets” that one day miraculously emerge from the depths of a drawer… This is the case with the title “On n’a pas lair”, written in 1981 by the great Bashung. Before recording “Blessers” (which was released in 1982), Bashung spent several months with his group, KGDD, at Studio 92 in Boulogne-Billancourt. From this large experimental project came Fernando Arrabal’s “Cemetery of Cars”. as well as the soundtrack to the TV movie “Nestor Burma”. One of the titles he improved during this period had to undergo a radical treatment and ended up on “Play Blessers” in the German version, which was Called “Janze Manor”. The second version, in “Bergmanian” French in the text, remained in an obscure drawer until reemerging today. However, “We don’t think…” is the puzzle piece that leads to “Pizza ” and “Play Blessings” to reflect Bashung’s metamorphosis. We hear echoes of the ska of the time through a joyous sax, a bluesy harmonica, but the guitars and rhythms, a few hours earlier, herald the future chapter. Reveal. An essential discovery!

  • 4 reissues and box sets not to be missed

  • – “Live at Shea Stadium 1982” by The Who. Released on DVD and Blu-ray in June 2015, it marks the first time that this 1982 concert has been released on audio, double CD and triple vinyl. The Who (Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Kenny Jones) performs both their great classics and rarely performed songs: “Pinball Wizard”, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “My Generation” and many others. . The tour was in support of the 1982 album “It’s Hard”.

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  • -Lady Gaga in Fortnite. Fortnite Festival is an unforgettable concert for all gamers where music and gaming meet! “Season 2: Reveal Your Talent” launches on February 22. And global superstar Lade Gaga is the star for two months (till April 22, 2024).

    – Jaap van Zweden in the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra. Internationally renowned Dutch conductor, Jaap van Zweden, will take over the reins of the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra from September 2026, succeeding Finn Mikko Frank.

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