New balance of Ecuadorian armed forces: 59 terrorists captured and 1 civil servant released

New balance of the Armed Forces of Ecuador: 59 terrorists captured and 1 civil servant released (Armed Forces of Ecuador)

Armed Forces of Ecuador They issue and report the new balance of operations performed during the last hours 59 terrorists they were caught, This is how they celebrated too release of a civil servant And he promised to continue working to ensure that the 170 hostages held in six prisons across the country can return to their homes.

However, the police were already able to verify the status of 75 penitentiary security agents and are keeping the situation under control in Machala prison, which by then was in the hands of criminals, although the death of one prisoner was confirmed.

Maneuvers, ordered by the President Daniel NoboaIn compliance with the executive decree declaring 22 gangs as terrorists, they were executed in both the coastal region and the mountains and the eastern region of the country.

Thus, in Ciudad Verde, Santo Domingo, police officers raided a house where they found three pistols, two revolvers, a shotgun, a repeater, five machine guns, 2,559 rounds of ammunition and two motorcycles. There they also found three terrorists from GDO R7 and two more terrorists inside Santo Domingo.

Some of the weapons and materials seized in the raids of the last few hours (Ecuadorian Armed Forces)

Five terrorists of the gang were arrested in Portoviejo, Manabí WolvesWho had a firearm, two motorcycles, four Motorola radios, 25 cartridges, three cell phones, two cameras, 700 doses of controlled substances and a backpack.

Seven terrorists were arrested in different areas of Esmeraldas and 23 weapons and several kilos of drugs were seized.

For its part, one of the most successful operations took place in Cotopaxi, which led to the arrest of 15 people possibly associated with the Los Lobos gang.

In Loja, Azuay, Napo and Morona Santiago, police found new items during the raid, such as 12 gas cylinders, 1,035 gallons of fuel, a boat, several bags of sawdust, stones and US$1,488. Additionally, in another, the release of an officer from the N1 recruitment center was achieved and it was confirmed that 49 penitentiary agents and eight civil servants were held hostage there alone.

Police seized 12 gas cylinders and 1,035 gallons of fuel, believed to be used for more explosive attacks and car bombs (Ecuadorian Armed Forces).

Meanwhile, in El Oro, officers managed to enter Prison N1 and verified the presence of armed forces personnel as well as 16 detained prison guides.

While the local executive strains its resources to fight this war against narco-terrorism, State got included in Announced cooperation with Latin American country by sending General Chief of Southern Command laura richardsonand other senior counter-narcotics and diplomatic officials, will work with Noboa to examine and plan a strategy that is effective in this context.

Thus, “this delegation will be arriving in the country “in the coming weeks” with their Ecuadorian counterparts to explore ways in which we can work together more effectively to confront the threat posed by transnational criminal organizations ” Moreover, he furthered it Intelligence sharing and cooperation will be enhanced to combat malicious cyber activity and prison reforms will be studied.

Regarding the latter, this Friday Noboa announced plans He is planning to build two prisonssimilar to those already on Mexico And guard, which allowed to combat gang warfare. The idea is to locate them in the Amazonian province of Pastaza and the coastal province of Santa Elena, and they will have a capacity of 736 prisoners.

Like Nayib Bukele’s prisons, these places will have cell phone and satellite signal blocking, state-of-the-art electronic systems, digital and analog access controls, triple perimeter security and electricity self-generation.

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