New blow against possible criminal structure in Ecuador’s justice, several people detained

(CNN Spanish) — The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office, together with the National Police, carried out an operation in the past few hours in which 12 people were arrested in connection with possible organized crime, the judicial body reported in X. This Monday morning.

During the process, more than ten properties in the province of Guayas were raided and among those detained were a former assembly member and a former official of the Provincial Court of Guayas.

In addition, several judges of the Court of Guayas and administrative staff of the Judiciary Council of the same province were detained.

CNN is seeking comment from the detainees’ defense team.

During the raid, it was reported that various evidences such as documents, electronic devices, jewelry, firearms, cell phones, money, liquor and other items were found.

The prosecutor’s office said it would file charges against the detainees in the next few hours.

The Purge Case: Origin of the Metastasis Case in Ecuador

The case was called a purge by the prosecutor’s office and according to Attorney General Diana Salazar, it is derived from a Metastasis case that emerged in December last year after a mega operation in various cities against corruption and drug trafficking. Which is an alleged structure of corruption in various state institutions.

Prosecutor Diana Salazar gave this information in a video published in.

“We have elements that show the need to clean up the judicial system to get rid of the corruption and deep structural disintegration that we have seen in recent months,” Salazar said.

The Prosecutor reiterated that justice cannot be a place for drug trafficking and corruption, and assured that in such cases they fight criminal, political and judicial forces that seek impunity.

“The Purga case is a demonstration of how corruption emanated from the highest levels of legislative politics, putting it at the service of the administration of justice and – apparently – drug trafficking in one of the country’s most influential provinces. ” Guayas,” Salazar said. “Criminal economies have found a very profitable operating vehicle to flourish with impunity,” he said.


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