New Forza Motorsport gameplay trailer shows off the power of Xbox Series X|S

The wait is over, we are currently enjoying the Xbox Developer_Direct, a great event that you can follow with us live here at SomosXbox. Although, for a few days it has already been said that in addition to Redfall, Minecraft Legends and other installments that are being shown or will be shown in a few moments, the new Forza Motorsport would act of presence and so it has been. After what we have seen, we can only say that the king is back: Forza Motorsport shows off the power of Xbox Series X | S in a new gameplay that has left us all amazed.

As we look forward to the Next Forza Monthly that will take place next Thursday and will be focused on the new and incredible installment of Forza Motorsport, now is the time to stop our desire to know more and calmly enjoy the new gameplay of Forza Motorsport, which has shown once again that Xbox Series X is a console of ten thanks to the great work of Turn 10 Studios.

Hallucinate with the great work of Turn 10 Studios! The new Forza Motorsport gameplay trailer shows off the power of Xbox Series X | S and has left us speechless

As you can see in the video above, the new Forza Motorsport gameplay trailer It has left us incredible details such as that it will be released with more than 500 cars and 20 tracks that we can enjoy both individually and in online races. The experience will be amazing, with realistic graphics and optimization as God intended, allowing us to play at 4K and 60 FPS, as well as a very well worked Ray Tracing in real time.

We will notice the immersion that Forza Motorsport will provide us thanks to immersive sounds that will make us differentiate between the noise of the engine and that of the tires. Damage and dirt will also be another important factor in this realistic experience that will show how tough each race will be.

In addition to competing, the surroundings will lend themselves to make everything even more realistic, with detailed scenarios, 10 times more detail than in previous installments, or dynamic times that evolve as the races go by, making each lap feel unique. In short, the visual fidelity is worthy of a generation leap. Now we can only wait for the long-awaited release date of Forza Motorsport to be revealed, which will arrive on Xbox Series X | S in 2023.

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