new roles, map, better matchmaking and more

The success of among us continues, and now its developer, InnerSloth, has presented the roadmap for this 2023, where it reveals all the details about new content, functions and more that the game will bring for this year.

Such information was shared in a recent blog post, where innersloth confirmed that the first thing he will focus on is adding multiple patches to the multiplayer game’s UI and UX, specifically updating the in-game store to make it better to navigate, making it easier to merge accounts, as well as finding a better way to report about toxic players.

And although this is a high priority for the developer, the roadmap does not present a release date for these changes, only announcing that they are “coming soon”. Probably the most notable update this year is a completely new map. Details of map 5 are still under wraps, but InnerSloth said it will have new tasks, new cosmetics, and more hidden surprises.

Players will now be able to wait for the map to arrive “later in the year”, as with the recent release of the mode Hide n Seekthe developer is looking to add improved matchmaking for players to find games faster, so new features will be added to ensure this later.

Meanwhile, quick chat is being reworked with refined dialogue options and InnerSloth also promised that even more collaborations with different studios will continue this year. Additional features were also teased, but the developer said these things will only be possible if they have additional development time to test and can’t promise a 2023 release.

These features include even more roles for players to choose from and improvements to the friends list “so you can do a lot more with the people you call ‘friends’.”

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