Next League of Legends patch would be delayed due to a cyberattack

Last week, Riot Games was the victim of a cyberattack that, fortunately, did not release important information about its players. Unfortunately, it seems that this attack will have a consequence in the community of League of Legendsalthough it will be small.

Through social networks, Riot Games announced that the recent cyber attack on Riot Games could impact the launch of Patch 13.2 for the MOBA. This is so since the attack affected his ability to release new content temporarily.

Unfortunately, Riot Games is still unaware of the full impact this situation could have on its development process. This is why they hope to release as much of the content as possible on the promised date; however, the door is open for some of the news from Patch 13.2 to arrive with Patch 13.3 (February 8).

“Attention, players. [El ciberataque] may affect the delivery date of patch 13.2. The team of League [of Legends] is working to push the boundaries of what we can fix to deliver the most time-tested and planned balance changes,” Riot Games explained.

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What happened to Riot Games with the cyberattack?

In case you haven’t been up to date on the news, we tell you that last Friday, January 20, Riot Games revealed that it had been the victim of a cyberattack.

It was an attack that affected their development environments, which affected the process for delivering content to their games. The good news is that your player data was not compromised.

“Earlier this week, systems in our development environment were compromised through a social engineering attack. We do not have all the answers at this time, but we wanted to communicate as soon as possible and let you know that there is no indication that player data or personal information has been obtained, ”Riot explained on its social networks.

And you, what did you think of this news? Do you think Riot Games made the best decision? Tell us in the comments.

League of Legends is available for PC and Mac. You can learn more about the MOBA from Riot Games by clicking here.

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