Neymar Jr. lost more than $1 million in a live broadcast; users criticize Twitch

Little by little, live broadcasts of gambling and chance games gained their place on Twitch. Many users expressed their anger, considering that kind of content to be unethical and have the potential to be harmful. After a wave of criticism and scandals, the streaming platform took action on the matter, although it seems that the controversy continues.

At the end of 2022, Twitch issued a statement announcing that it will take steps to regulate betting content on the platform. This shortly after content creators threatened to go on strike after raising a shocking scam.

Everything seemed to indicate that the controversy had come to an end. However, this week it resurfaced when Neymar Jr., a popular Brazilian soccer player, went on a live broadcast where he played gambling games like online poker. According to reports, he lost close to $1.08 million.

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Unfair? xQC and more users criticize Twitch for allowing gambling and betting broadcasts

Although the athlete’s reaction went viral and was mocked by Internet users, a sector of the community attacked Twitch for allowing gambling content on the streaming platform. Among the personalities who expressed their discontent we find xQc, a popular streamer and former professional player of Overwatch.

In a live stream, xQc reacted to Neymar Jr.’s broadcast, criticizing the streaming platform for allowing gambling in the first place. He assures that it is unfair that some users receive a ban for making that content, but not others. Thus, he affirms that the rules are unfair.

The Canadian streamer explained that Twitch allegedly banned all gambling-related content, not just specific websites. Thus, he ensures that there is little consistency in the rules of the platform.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

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