Nike creates Snorlax sneakers that every Pokémon fan would like to have

Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises in the world, either for its animated series or their video game, we have all marveled at the adventures of young trainers competing in battles with their Pokémon. Being part of popular culture, it is normal for there to be a large number of merchandise related to the franchise.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that no matter how young you are, at this point, Pokémon needs few introductions. The video game phenomenon crossed the screen to also sneak into mobile phones in 2016 with Pokémon GO and far from deflating, it currently has millions of active players. Whoever starts this adventure is a coach for life.

The company Nikespecifically its sub-brand jordan brands, will launch commemorative tennis shoes on the market. The company’s art director, Andrew Chiou, decided to invent a model of the Jordan 4, with the character Snorlax, one of the best known Pokémon. in your account instagramrevealed details of this model, which is expected to be available to the public at the end of this month of January.

“Pokémon is my favorite childhood anime series. The Snorlax 4s were definitely the ones I was most proud of. It was originally a concept I removed due to unusual color blocking, but I finally decided to post it and everyone went nuts. The shoes will be available in January,” he said.

This designer is known for bringing various anime concepts to life, including Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pokémon. Snorlax is one of the biggest Pokémon in history, although it is characterized by being lazy. In fact, he was one of the first companions the star character, Ash Ketchum, had.

The patches that it has have a 3D effect, which are inspired by the shadows that the silhouette of this Pokémon has. It is not yet known when these collector’s sneakers will go on sale, but the creator said that it would be this month, so they are expected to hit the market at the end of it.

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