NIP already has headtr1ck on its CS:GO roster

Another leak from the international scene that ends up being confirmed in a very short time. NIP has announced the signing of Daniil «⁠headtr1ck⁠« Valitov, AW Per 18-year-old who left the Natus Vincere academy. Ninjas in Pajamas sent Patrick to the bank «⁠es3tag⁠« Hansen in December, so everything pointed to REZ no longer being AW Per, a role that was not his. With the acquisition of one of the great promises of the ecosystem, the ninjas already have their team for this new season.

NAVI is one of the big player factories of CS:GObut with the players that currently occupy your main squad, it is very difficult to promote them, especially if they are AWPers. The Ukrainian organization obtains a great profit in the sale of these promises, so the business is not being bad. In September NAVI already confirmed that it was putting headtr1ck up for sale, but it was not until December that the first public candidate came out. Luís Mira, a Dexerto journalist, assured at the end of December that NIP would be interested in signing the Ukrainian, movement that would be made after benching to Danish es3tag.

PIN already has a AW Per pure with the arrival of headtr1ck

With this new signing, Fredrik “⁠REZ⁠” Sterner will step down from the role of AW Per, a movement, a priori, positive for the team. The 18-year-old excelled in all his seasons with the academy and even made his senior team debut. Having to replace s1mple doesn’t have to be easy though, so leaving the team was a big decision for both of them. Headtr1ck has been chosen by up to five players from the Top of HLTV as the great promise of the scene, so the pressure already has it. Daniil is a year older, but can he follow in the footsteps of a m0NESY?

With this last move, the roster from Ninjas in Pajamas by 2023 it will be the following:

  • Fredrik «⁠REZ⁠« Sterner
  • hampus «⁠hampus⁠« poser
  • Ludwig «⁠Brollan⁠« brolin
  • Alexis «⁠Alexib⁠« Virolainen
  • Daniel «⁠headtr1ck⁠« Valitov
  • Patrick «⁠es3tag⁠« Hansen (alternate)

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