No surprise: PSUV nominates Nicolás Maduro as its (for life) candidate for presidential elections

Nicolas Maduro is giving a speech in Caracas this Sunday. Rainer Pena R (EFE)

Chavista militants this Saturday nominated Nicolás Maduro as their candidate for the presidential elections to be held on July 28, according to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), as part of the process of choosing their candidate throughout the country. Assemblies were held in. This election.

In a press release, the formation indicated that “there were more than 15,850 assemblies in each UBCH (Bolivar-Chávez Battle Unit)” – an organization dedicated to the defense of the so-called ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ – with the aim of proposing “the country’s candidate Will achieve a big victory on 28th July.”

According to several photos shared by the PSUV, many of the Chavismo supporters attending the meetings chanted “Women nominate Nicolás”, “Decide the base”, “I nominate Nicolás” and “With Maduro They were carrying banners with messages like “Aadhaar”. On social networks.

Maduro himself later celebrated his nomination in a telephone contact with state television.

The decision of the PSUV rank and file is not surprising, since the “worker president” wishes to live in the Miraflores palace for the rest of his life.

With information from EFE

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