“Our goal is always to compete and win”


Toñín, TheSuplanter and Mayans take stock of the club’s history with their sights set on the club’s revolution for the future

Esports have been developing the ecosystem by expanding its borders and looking for new clubs that reach the ecosystem.

This phrase is almost a mantra for the current situation and non-endemic businessmen are realizing the potential that the industry has. A clear example is that of Rebels Gaming, a club whose most visible face is the Manchester United footballer, David De Gea.

This one almost two years ago appeared on the spectrum with an R in Comic Sans as the team logo and since then the successes have not stopped raining down on him.

But these could not have been produced without the staff that have accompanied him over the years. Anthony’Toñín’ Ruiz, Bruno’The ImpersonatorBoeri and Carlos mayans Bald are the current cogs that allow the Rebels machinery to function and be properly oiled.

The evolution of the club is inevitable to think that it has been geometric rather than arithmetic. The achievements as well as growth in all its verticals has put Rebels in a place that few classic clubs can even say. The first to speak out on this matter was Mayans, who celebrated such a sublime year first-hand: “It seems like a lot longer, but it has been a year of evolving and growing a lot and creating departments that are as professional as possible and with compartmentalized work.. It has grown a lot at a sporting level and to physically locate ourselves we have the Rebels Center in Valdebebas, Madrid, just as the players have their apartments where they live. It’s a very successful year and a half.”

The foundations have been different from other clubs, there is no doubt about it either. If we are usually used to seeing how LoL or VALORANT have surpassed other esports, in Rebels they started with Rainbow Six enjoying a glorious era. As The Suplanter comments, it is better to start from the foundations and build upwards: “Internally, we liked Rainbow Six a lot and seeing how such a serious competition was being created in Spain invited us to do so. and, furthermore, wanting to start the house from the foundations. As everyone knows, the numbers go hand in hand with League of Legends, but it is also true that if you jump into the MOBA it can cost more than with other titles. After this, the natural jump to LoL and a direct invitation from the Professional Video Game League (LVP) to participate in its VALORANT competition for both men and women (Rebels Velvet) have made us what we are today. Do not forget or stop keeping in mind that there may be new games in which you can land, as is the case with Counter Strike 2, and you have to see how it evolves”.

As in any self-respecting team, the general management has to be led by a member who knows the industry and knows how to steer the ship. In the case of Rebels, Toñín is that person and although he humbly confirms that it is everyone’s job after all, he tells us that his is to be able to make everything go ahead and lighten the task of other sections in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible: “I’m more particularly in charge of the planning within the facilities and the one that gives support to the rest of the departments, that is, I try to make things easy or rather less difficult, for everything to work.”

On the other hand, a club with these characteristics can be thought to have unconnected links between the highest part and the board. However, nothing could be further from the truth. David De Gea has been involved in the project first hand and has been seen at various club events where he has been one more fan, as confirmed by Mayans: “We have a very good relationship with David and every week we have a meeting with him. We are lucky that he is not a president who disengages and lets only us do it ”.

Also, the sponsors have not wanted to miss the opportunity of Rebels and more and more brands and more recognizable faces are seen around the club. Razer, kelme o Juan Mata and Bruno Fernandes are some examples and their arrival is no coincidence: “Juan and Bruno are two investors who are interested in esports, encompassing the characteristics that accompany them. In the case of brands we are happy. We wanted to be selective with the brands that surround the club and we don’t want just anyone to enter. In fact, a new one arrives on April 3, which makes us very happy”.

The club’s objectives are clear: compete and win. The idiosyncrasy of the club, as The Suplanter tells us, is established around well-established and defined values ​​from the beginning: “At a sporting level we want to compete and win. We do not conceive of having a mid-table team, despite the fact that it may happen later. I believe that our trajectory goes through a Spain Nationals, a Six Masters Iberia, a VRL and the regular spring season of the Super League and tending towards that is our mission. We will be waiting to see what happens in the market and publisher, although it is still early. Also to say that in Rebels it is not only esports, even if it is the base on which it is founded, but we are going to open a new vertical around education that will have esports training courses in the United Kingdom ”.

Undoubtedly, Rebels Gaming is clear about the legs on which it has to build its entire project. They will be a premature club and that, compared to others, they have a long way to go, but the experience has already been built and they have put themselves at the forefront of the lordship of the Spanish scene and who knows what they have left to make the leap to the international arena.

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