Overactive Media Launches an All-Female Team to Compete in ‘Valorant’

Overactive Media diversifies. The parent company of the Mad Lions eSports club has opted to enter Valorant Game Changers. OverActive has signed a roster all-female Spanish who will compete as Mad Lions Laurë, who joins other prominent organizations on the scene including Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and G2 Esports.

He roster from Mad Lions Laurë is made up of Monica monovess Oves Silva, Laia MissLaia Miralles Brull, Alessia Alessia Crisafo Norte, Lucia Nahashi Mata Vergara, Nicole nidxvilco Dobrovolskyy Shved and coach Adrian jedry Garcia Saiz.

Initially launched in 2020 by Riot Games (creators of League of Legends), Valorant Game Changers is the most watched women’s tournament in eSports. OverActive is investing in the Mad Lions brand by signing a roster Spanish in one of the main eSports titles.

“We continue to focus on audience growth and are mindful of the player community and appetite for relevant content,” says Alyson Walker, Business Director OverActive Media. “Valorant Game Changers is the perfect complement to our existing esports teams, and we are excited to support the League’s competitiveness while driving greater inclusion in esports,” she adds.

“Supporting the path to professionalism has always been a priority for OverActive; We demonstrate this through our participation in Contenders in the Overwatch League, Call of Duty Challengers in the Call of Duty League, and the NA Valorant Challengers League; At OverActive, we build great teams, and that means developing young talent on our professional teams,” said Adam Adamou, Interim CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of OverActive Media. “Valorant is the fastest growing eSport today and we are proud to support the ecosystem and provide all gamers with an ideal path to play professionally,” he adds.

Overactive Media closed the first half of the year, ending on June 30, with a 30% increase in its billing, up to 4.4 million Canadian dollars (3.3 million euros), according to the latest financial data released by the company.

In addition, the Canadian group reduced its red numbers to seven million Canadian dollars (5.31 million euros), compared to the 8.2 million Canadian dollars (6.2 million euros) of losses the previous year.

Overactive Media is a global sports and entertainment company that combines franchised team ownership with audience engagement to connect with fans, franchise partners and corporate sponsors around the world. The company does not break down its results by teams or by sections.

The company acquired Mad Lions in 2019 and the rosters of both clubs were joined in a joint team. After the investment, the company established its base of operations in Europe and South America in the high-performance center of the Madrid club, which has more than one thousand square meters.

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