Overwatch 2: First preview of changes for seasons 3 and 4

The director of the hero shooter once again warns that the development team continues to prioritize community feedback for its modifications.

Overwatch 2 is still navigating several critical waves, so they will try to overcome some with news for seasons 3 and 4. In general terms, it will seek to improve the gameplay with batteries of changes for its heroes and its competitive facet.

Aaron Keller, the gamemaster, spoke again about the plans they have for the hero shooter. The difference is that here he made it clear through a development blog with a focus on short-medium term content, but he announced that there will soon be another publication that will go into more detail.

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“New Overwatch 2 development update.
Aaron Keller talks briefly about:
– Competitive upgrades in Season 3 + 4
– A change to Season 3 rewards
– Ultimate refund has been reduced to 25
– More frequent balance changes
– One Shot Capability»

To begin with, he highlighted the confusion that competitive mode has generated since its debut in Overwatch 2. Players felt a failure in matchmaking as sometimes it felt like their team had disadvantage in what was skill level and range. That’s why they’re going to make a few changes in Season 3 and a lot more in Season 3 to make it a clearer system for the average player.

Then we have the balance to the heroes. On the one hand, the cost of the finals will be modified in season 3, including a recovery when changing heroes will now be 25%. And on the other is that the frequency of changes will increase, keeping among its objectives the initial and midway patch as it has been between seasons.

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Lastly, Keller remarked that they continue to listen and read the comments of the community regarding the One-shots or the hero mechanics that generate frustration. All this comes from the side of the frequency they have between games. Even so, they will continue to pay attention to the feedback to evaluate upcoming changes for Overwatch seasons 3 and 4, for example the rewards.

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