Overwatch 2 gets full otaku and its art director mentions what anime he wants to see in the game

Overwatch 2 has done a lot in its short life, but this year it broke a streak in which the hero shooter from Blizzard said not to collaborate with other games or licenses as a crossover in the game. One Punch Man seems to be the first of many collaborations and it is that Dion Rogers dreams of a specific anime/manga.

The game’s art director recently gave an interview, picked up by Dexerto, where, in addition to talking about the most recent collaboration with the One webcomic, he was asked about possible new additions to the game in the form of skins. Rogers is clear about it, and it is that he dreams of seeing a world where Overwatch and dragonball have lived together

The game’s art director would be delighted to see his heroes “cosplay” Dragon Ball Z characters. “I can imagine Roadhog as Majin Buu, or Baptiste as Vegeta, that would be pretty awesome.” In fact, the support already includes some other reference to the Toriyama’s work by means of graffiti, but here we would talk about a complete collaboration.

Rogers not only stopped there, and it is that in the conversation they also came to the fore Zaryawhich he imagines as Trunkseither Winstonwhich would logically receive a skin of the gigantic monkey, the transformation of the saiyan race. Likewise, the director also argues that Kirikowhich has already received a skin as part of the collaboration with One Punch Man, he could also star in this one with a skin from Bulma.

Of course, we are talking about a possibility that, although it is not so remote seeing the first crossover, one that caught us on foot changed, would have to go through several hands to get to see the light. Be that as it may, many fans are happy because Overwatch has broken some self-imposed barriers and advocates betting on the Fortnite style.

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