Overwatch 2: How to Get Moira’s Masked Dancer Skin

Watch Twitch streams to celebrate Chinese New Year and get a free outfit for the scientist.

After offering the D.Va Sleigh and Ramattra Monk skin for free for Overwatch 2, Blizzard now he will give away Moira Masked Dancer by Twitch. And it just falls within days of the return of cosmetics that commemorate the Chinese New Year in the game.

watch streams from today until January 25 to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit before or when you already step on the hero shooter. It should be noted that the rewards will only be delivered to those who have linked their Battle.net account with that of the purple platform.

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Lunar New Year calls for legendary drops on Twitch!
Celebrate with us by watching Overwatch 2 streams from January 11-25!
– Moira’s Lion Roars Victory Pose – Two hours
– Legendary Masked Dancer Moira Skin – Four hours

Let’s remember that the channels that grant the rewards must have the addition of “drops” activated. In addition, the harvests, which will keep your progress when changing the tuning, will expire seven days after claiming them if you do not link a Battle.net account. It must also be added that the skin does not unlock the character nor can it be used unless you have it enabled in the roster.

On the other hand, there is the issue of controversy over the cosmetics that are offered. D.Va Sleigh, Moira Masked Dancer, and Winston Gorillobo had been around for a long time in Overwatch. In fact, players return to claim more unlockable rewards between official account posts instead of placing them on Twitch.

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For now it remains to be seen what will be presented during the first Overwatch 2 Chinese New Year event. Meanwhile you can be part of the Battle for Olympus and get the legendary skin Mercy Winged Victory for free. You can also prioritize a hero to win his own statue on the Ilios control map.

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