Overwatch 2: January 24 Patch Notes

Blizzard surprised with a small, notable changepack that reduces the strength of Roadhog and Sojourn a bit.

Shortly after Season 3, a small balance patch arrived to accommodate the current Overwatch 2 metagame. The difference from previous ones is that only four champions were affected by it: Kiriko, Orisa, Roadhog and Sojourn.

You can now download the mod pack that was established in the hero shooter. It was also used to correct the behavior of certain heroes with their cosmetics and an adjustment to the sound mix of footsteps to leave players more exposed in battles.

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Here are the recent Overwatch 2 patch notes:


ofuda of healing

  • Cooldown time increased from 0.85 to 1 second



  • Bonus health reduced from 125 to 75


hook with chain

  • Damage per hit reduced from 30 to 5
  • Final enemy distance from Roadhog after being pulled increased from 3 to 4 meters

scrap gun

  • Reduced damage per single ammo from 6.6 to 6
  • Recovery time reduced from 0.85 to 0.8 seconds
  • Reload time reduced from 2 to 1.75 seconds
  • Increased max ammo from 5 to 6



  • Energy gain is no longer based on the damage dealt by the primary shot. Each primary shot hit against an enemy player now grants 5 energy
  • Primary shot damage per projectile reduced from 10 to 9

Keep in mind that the Roadhog rework is still pending. Alec Dawson, hero designer In Overwatch 2, he clarified in an interview that his nerf is a reduction to his power to make instant kills after landing an uppercut on an enemy. He even added that he would have a little more use when that very one arrives.

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On the other is the nerf to Sojourn, a way to counteract her bond with Zenyatta or a Mercy that apparently would not earn reductions. In fact, it will favor him to accumulate energy much more to armored targets or other sources of damage reduction without relying on a third party.

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