Overwatch 2 patch tweaks Junker Queen, Brigitte, and more

A new Overwatch 2 patch has tweaked the abilities of Junker Queen, Moira, Brigitte, and Zarya.

With its release yesterday, January 5, the new Overwatch 2 patch is now available on all systems. Primarily, the new patch launches the Battle For Olympus Free-For-All mode, where heroes gain powers from the Greek Gods, and the player who kills the most enemies using their new powers at the end of the match wins the entire game. .

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Most importantly though, there are balance chances for four Overwatch 2 characters in total in this patch. First off, Junker Queen’s Carnage cooldown is now reduced by two seconds for each enemy it hits, and Jagged Blade’s Impact Damage has been reduced from 80 to 50.

Next, Zarya’s energy degeneration has been reduced from 2.2 points per second to just two points per second. As for Brigitte, the tank has received a slight buff as her Barrier Shield health has been increased from 250 to 300 total.

Finally, Moira’s biotic orb will now restore biotic energy, whenever you deal damage with the orb’s ability. Elsewhere in the patch, there are a total of 12 bug fixes in the game, including an issue where memories were incorrectly placed on newcomer Ramattra and an issue with Kiriko’s Ofuda displaying the wrong textures.

Finally, there are bug fixes for the Watchpoint Gibraltar and Shambali Monastery maps, and bug fixes for Bastion, Kiriko, Mercy, Ramattra, and Tracer. It’s not a huge patch by any means, but the changes to Junker Queen in particular already seem to be a treat for the Overwatch 2 community.

do not forget, Overwatch 2’s next hero will be a support characternow that Ramattra has finally made it to the shooter sequel.

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