Overwatch 2 will not follow this trend that made Fortnite: Battle Royale popular

Overwatch 2 recently confirmed a crossover with one punch man, so your community is already waiting for other themed skins from your favorite franchises. The comparisons were inevitable and many believe that Blizzard will follow the model of collaborations from Fortnite: Battle Royale and other popular titles.

Aaron Keller, game manager, talked about Saitama’s skin for Doomfist and made it clear that characters from collaborations will never replace the heroes of the game as such. So the themed outfits will be representative only and won’t make their iconic characters unrecognizable.

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Overwatch 2 he won’t replace his heroes with characters from crossovers

As you well know, in Fortnite It is possible to enjoy combats between a very varied cast of characters: from Goku, Ariana Grande, Darth Vader and even Chapulín Colorado, who have skins and are Battle Royale characters as such.

Keller stated that this will not happen in Overwatch 2, because their heroes will always be there and will be distinguishable despite wearing thematic skins of a collaboration. He stated that the appearance of their characters and their own sounds are important in the gameplay, so they will not be modified.

“With the skins of One Punch Man you will see that our heroes wear the costume of a character from One Punch Man. They continue to look like our heroes on the battlefield and they continue to sound like our heroes (…) it is essential for the gameplay, ”said the creative.

Thus, the crossover skins will be purely aesthetic and will not imply any type of change to the heroes. For the same reason, Blizzard is expected to choose the heroes of its shooter that best fit the characters of upcoming crossovers. In this way, the aesthetics will not be broken or significant adjustments will have to be made.

Everything indicates that Blizzard prepares more of these collaborations in the future, but it is still too early to know what other popular series they will bring to the games of Overwatch 2.

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