Overwatch 2 will receive a new patch with improvements in the ‘matchmaking’

Maybe the fever Overwatch 2 has shrunk a bit since it was released as a title free to play on October 4th, although Blizzard continues to work tirelessly to listen to community feedback to improve the game. hero shooter and in offering new content in each new season. One of the biggest problems that the title has faced since its release is the matchmakingwhich tends to generate long waiting times and group together players with very different abilities in the same game, generating large imbalances. However, the company has listened to the players and is already preparing a new update patch.

Jared Neuss, executive producer of Overwatch 2, has commented in a recent statement that it is aware that the previous title updates have not fully resolved the problem, although they are currently preparing more patches with multiple fixes that will try to respond to the complaints reported by users. “Some improvements have been made, but a new round of changes will arrive behind the scenes after the weekend“.

A hero shooter with a spectacular playable base

“That Overwatch 2 rise and establish itself in the market will depend on Blizzard’s ability to solve its problems, feed it with new content and satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding audience in the face of the enormous offer of free competitive games out there, for which reason it still He has a lot to prove. However, the base is there and it could hardly be better. Not only it has exquisite design and fantastic gameplaybut rather these virtues are reinforced by characters and a universe that exude charisma and that deserve to be able to shine in style”, we conclude in our analysis. You can consult our guide if you want to know in depth the characteristics, strengths and vulnerabilities of all the heroes.

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