Cyberpunk 2077: Dexter, Meredith and the Trauma Team Doctor in the new images

The dangerous fixer Dexter Deshawn glimpsed in the video of E3 2019, the Militech corporate agent Meredith Stout and the disturbing Trauma Team Doctor are the undisputed protagonists of the new images of Cyberpunk 2077. The photos proposed by CD Projekt RED show the very high-resolution polygonal models, with a focus …

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Red Dead Online, the Professions arrive next week: all the details

Rockstar Games has announced that September 10 will be officially introduced the Frontier Professions in Red Dead Online, a further step in the constant evolution of the gaming world. The Professions of the Frontier are a vast series of themed activities characterized by Roles that the players will be able to cover. As they progress in …

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Borderlands 3, 2K correction: preload available on Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3 Hunters Sow Destruction in the New E3 2019 Trailer

Despite what has been said in recent weeks, Borderlands 3, the new chapter of the looter-shooter series of Gearbox Software, now nearing arrival, will include the preload function on Epic Games Store, the only platform currently available for the PC version of the game. The confirmation comes directly from 2K Games, which …

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Games tells the “secret story” of the costumes

Marvel's Spider-Man: Insomniac Games

Intervened in the pages of the official PlayStation Blog after the acquisition of Insomniac Games by Sony, the developers of the Californian software house tell the “secret story” of the costumes of the blockbuster PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man. The intervention of Insomniac Games and the different artists and designers who worked on …

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Ninja will broadcast the Gears 5 campaign early this night! Here’s how to follow it

Fortnite: Season 9 Will Be the Best Ever Ninja Second

A few more days of patience, and finally we will be able to return to the planet Sera in Gears 5. The new title of The Coalition promises to be mammoth, with a wide range of methods (Versus, Fuga, Orda) to complement the inevitable campaign featuring Kait, which this time will even …

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PlayStation Now: LittleBigPlanet 3, Vampyr and Gravity Rush 2 arrive in September

PlayStation Now

After announcing the free PS Plus games in September, the top companies of Sony Interactive Entertainment are unveiling the new video games destined to be added to the ever-richer PlayStation Now catalogue. The September update of the PS Now game library allows all subscribers to the Sony game streaming service …

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Nintendo Direct on September 5th: news on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s social media channels confirm the rumours circulated on the net between Gamescom and PAX West and announce a new Nintendo Direct that will take place starting from midnight on Wednesday 4 September, ie in the night between 4 and 5 September. The event that, as usual, will be broadcast …

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Millionaire agreement between MGT and Huya: China conquers eSport

MGT and Huya

Modern Times Group, the Teutonic entertainment giant that owns ESL , and Huya Inc., a Chinese streaming platform, have perfected a joint venture that will inaugurate the expansion of ESL in the East. In particular in the immense Chinese catchment area. And, of course, the simultaneous expansion of Huya in the unexplored Western …

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Battlefield 5 Updates: New Maps, Weapons and Increased Level Cap With the Update 4.4

Battlefield 5

After apologizing for the frustrating experience of Battlefield 5 and Chapter 4, the authors of EA DICE surprise their audience (this time in a positive light) by launching an update that introduces several new features to the playful and content system of their multiplayer shooter. The BF5 4.4 update is already available and …

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag and Rogue Remastered Soon on Switch, Reveals a Greek Store

Assassin's Creed 4

The editors of The Console Club, a Greek online store, have decided to open the pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch versions of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag and AC Rogue Remastered: the two titles of the Ubisoft open-world action series should be sold in bundles at the price of 38.90 …

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