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7 out of 8 Earth’s safe and just limits crossed, scientists say

theme image , © Shutterstock Humanity has already crossed seven of the earth’s eight safe and just limits. A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature says the Earth Commission, an international team of more than forty scientists. Not only is global warming threatening life on our planet, but so …

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Hollywood paralyzed as 11,000 screenwriters go on strike

In recent years he American Horror Story And 911 for Fox and little america Filmed for the streaming service Apple+. But now cinematographer Gavin Kelly awaits negotiations between the writers union Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents both studios …

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Residents of the Oude Kastilan neighborhood express their dissatisfaction with the city council: “a sight that deeply affects us as citizens of this municipality” (Bonheden)

Local residents who have now collected over 600 signatures have not taken kindly to the Bonheden board. They are not able to understand why the decision was taken to remove the cut in Awadh Kastilan. The neighborhood fears that their road (and side roads) will become a mini ‘highway’ for …

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