All eyes fixed on Hailee Steinfeld and your perfect mini dress lilac at the MTV Movie Awards 2017

Hailee Steinfeld didn’t let the rain stop and, despite the time, launched all out with this gorgeous minidress in shades of lilac. A styling very millennial and originalas anyone who has accustomed us actress and singer. This is all added to the glitter, ornaments and embellishement of the design, making it one of the favorite and best-dressed of the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards 2017.

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Anna Kendrick surprised with his confession of `amorpor Ryan Gosling

With his innocent and shy smile, Anna Kendrick it is the embodiment of sweetness. However, we just know a little bit more of your true ‘I’ after he made a confession what is inappropriate? in his account of Twitter on the Monday night. The girl of 27 years, he wrote that he was ecstatic in … Read more

The celebrities that have spoken out about mental health in quarantine

Post-traumatic stress, confusion, insomnia, anxiety, irritability… The problems that affect the mental health after months of confinement for the current crisis generated by the emergence of coronaviruses are not as visible as the cough or the fever, but its importance is not negligible. And although in some countries we are entering a phase of desescalada, … Read more

The trick of Jennifer Lopez to show off their lips more provocative

The lips of Jennifer Lopez are the envy for many women. Why?, are bulky, fleshy and provocative, especially when you’re using a red lip. The Diva from the Bronx, singer and actress revealed weeks ago what is your makeup technique to enlarge the lips and make them more eye-catching. She often resorts to the same … Read more

Shakira surprised her fans by demonstrating his skill with the skateboard | VIDEO | nndc-nnes | Shows

Updated the 22/05/2020 at 08:50 The singer Shakira he has shown that his skills are not only limited to what you can do on a stage, but also added a new facet to its long list: a mother an expert in skate. And is that sports are no strangers to the path of Shakirawho has … Read more

The approach of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian after confirming his breakup with Sofia Richie

If this week started the rumors about a possible rupture between Scott Disick and Sophia Richie, although assured that his estrangement is simply due to the fact that Sofia had decided to leave more space to Scott so they could overcome their problems after news that he was admitted in a detox center, center, who … Read more

Do you regret? Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) is sincere about his ordeal in ‘The Hunger Games’

The phenomenon of ‘The Hunger Games‘changed the lives of its actors forever. The film adaptation of the books by Suzanne Collins marked a whole generation and continue to have an army of fans, as demonstrated by the stir by its prequel, ‘Ballad of songbirds, and snakes’. However, the experience also had to be overwhelming for … Read more