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Jamie Foxx against slaves in Django Unchained

A runaway slave and a bounty hunter enter Django Unchained against the plantation owners and slaves. Django Unchained Revolves around Ghulam Django (Jamie Foxx). During a transport, he accidentally encounters the German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). Django Unchained Schultz is looking for Django, as he is the …

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Azad Khayal and fiery rapper Glorilla celebrate their bachelorhood

In the music video for last year’s hip-hop summer hit, 23-year-old Gloria ‘Glorilla’ Hallelujah Woods is the charismatic centerpiece of a street party. She pours cognac from the bottle straight into one friend’s mouth, and spills notes on another’s hot pants. People dance around him, on the street, on hoods, …

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Elton John guest-starred Brandon Flowers and Rina Swayama.

Brandon Flowers was one of the guests with whom Elton John dueted at his concert at Glastonbury. Together with the singer from The Killers, he released his classic Tiny Dancer. Rina Swayamyama also sang a mega hit of Briton. Elton had already announced that he would bring four guests to …

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