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This is Rihanna’s favorite perfume

There are many things Rihanna is known to the general public for: her voice, her (motherhood) looks, and her business talents. But among celebrities, the singer is known for something entirely different: her fabulous scent. Luckily, that fragrance is for sale, with Killian Love, Don’t Be Shy Your Fragrance Is …

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Antwerp Lauren (27) was surprised on her birthday by Harry Styles, who congratulated her in a big way and flirted with her: “Harry has got an even bigger place in my heart” (Antwerp)

With a ‘It’s my birthday’ message written under her arm, Lauren from Antwerp accompanied a good friend to British pop star Harry Styles’ performance, which was his birthday, on Saturday evening. love on tourThe concert series descended on the hallowed grass along Hachtessteinweg in Werchter. Along with nearly 60,000 other …

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