League of Legends Spins the Economy: Millionaire Revenues for Rotterdam

League Of Legends China

According to the data reported by Riot Games and relating to the two days of the Spring Split last April, the rebrand of the League of Legends European Championship, now based on a franchise model, has generated about 2.4 million euros of revenue for the local economy of Rotterdam. In short, one of the most important export events of the League … Read more

Xbox Scarlett: Playground Games Discusses the Next Gen Role-Playing Game

Xbox Scarlett

Attending the opening of the first European Microsoft Store, the creative director of Playground Games, Ralph Fulton, revealed new details and interesting background information on the ambitious open-world role-playing game that the Forza Horizon 4 team is developing for Xbox Scarlett. In Twinfinite’s microphones, Fulton stated that the opportunity offered by the Redmond giant to … Read more

COD Black Ops 4: Play the Role of “Classic” Captain Price by Booking Modern Warfare

After showing us the gameplay of Modern Warfare’s 2vs2 mode, Activision’s top management informs COD Black Ops 4 users on PS4 that, by booking the new chapter of the Call of Duty saga on PlayStation 4, it will be possible to play the “classic” character of Captain Price in Blackout mode. The initiative, for the moment, involves … Read more