Ex-well-known and new sweet in the middle of the showbitz, the five couples, the lack of us

You have us to dream with their love story, between a film set and a pedestrian bridge. You have enchanted us on the red carpet events, and glamour come hand in hand, they exchange glances, accomplice, and even some of the outpouring of passion. With the same intensity with which she is born, her love … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence returns to the set: his next film is directed by Lila Neugebauer

Jennifer Lawrence returns to a movie set at the time of the first directed film by the Director Lila Neugebauer. MESSAGE of BEATRICE PAGAN — 17/04/2019 Jennifer Lawrenceafter a long absence, back on a movie set in the case of an anticipated film directed by Lila Neugebauerhis debut behind the camera.For now, despite the confirmation … Read more

Ricky Martin CANCELS concert in Hermosillo for this unfortunate reason

Ricky Martin CANCELS concert in Hermosillo for this unfortunate reason The singer Ricky Martin it is located in the middle of a polemic to be known that his team has decided to cancel the presentation of the Movement Tour in Hermosillo, Sonora to be held next march 10 on the premises of the Expo Forum … Read more

The Supreme Court is loaded Cristina Pedroche with a sentence devastating. Last time

07 of march 2020 (12:26 CET) Cristina Pedroche is up in the soup. It is the belief of some of his followers or rather his “haters”, that it is true has many. However their fans are more. In the social networks with 2.6 million and is not surprising because the vallecana knows how to set … Read more

Playstation: the prototype of the game console of the 360 000 usd auction

The owner of a prototype version of the Playstation has been unsuccessful. The game console in the united states, following a bid to tender for 360,000 dollars is auctioned off. He was the only survivor of a prototype of Nintendo’s and Sony’s, in the early nineties, developed a game for the console, according to the … Read more

Prohibit ‘Onward’ in countries of the Middle East by having a character lesbians

The animation film ‘Onward’, tells the story of two brothers elves called Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who are played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt in the original version, if you want to see his dead father for a few hours must embark on an intrepid journey with a magic stick. It is thanks to … Read more