The update to the best-of-darkness

It is advisable to use light bulbs of Philips Hue, for a Bridge, the second Generation to operate, that is, if a Firmware update is waiting for you, or it is already installed. As of the end of February, there is a Firmware 19370450000 to the Bridge in v2, which has a great appeal to … Read more

Cardi B deposits the brand Okurrr

Like any artist hip hop worthy of the name, Cardi B it diversifies its activities into different business areas, thus generating useful to many zeros. After the creation of his collection fashion for sale by the mark fast fashion american Fashion Nova on your online store, and the lipstick blue cobalt called Cardi made with … Read more

“I am I”, the success of Marc Anthony from his album Opus, was composed by the cuban Bea and Angel

The cuban talent has become to feel again in the last musical project of the famous american singer Marc Anthony. After counting with the grouping of reggaeton Gente de Zona songs such as Treacherous and The Gozaderanow the salsa singer of puerto rican origin, he has worked elbow to elbow with two musicians from the … Read more

The Raspberry Pi is a Generator of images, the Pi is a Tool that simplifies the Creation of installation to the SD card

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new Tool to the users of the small circuit Board on your favorite operating system on an SD card, you can use it. The Raspberry Pi is the Imager that is available for operating systems Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows 10, mac os and Linux Distribution, Ubuntu. It’s … Read more