Patch Notes 13.2: Massive buffs to Annie and changes to TechnoChemistry Dragon

Despite the fact that League of Legends patch 13.1 has just been released and there are already thousands of players fighting to rank up in ranked, the Reddit community has already found the first details of patch 13.2.

This update it’s programmed for January 24, that is, in two weeks, but the first changes that would arrive in this patch are already known, with Annie as absolute protagonist.

A wallpaper of Annie and Tibbers

As we said, in Reddit They have released the first changes and the adjustments will be focused on improving several champions, bugs and the Chemtech Dragon, so let’s go over the settings.

First changes of LoL patch 13.2 | PBE – 01/12/2023

changes to champions

Now starts the game with all stacks of the passive.

The mana cost of the W changed from 90-110 to 70-110.

The AD damage that reflects the AND changed from 20-60 to 30-90 and reflects all damage, not just auto attacks.

E ability speed change reverted from 50% starting to drop to a constant 15-35%.

shield power (AND) changed from 40-220 + 35% AP to 40-220 + 55% AP.

Tibbers scaling (R) now scales with 75% AP and base health is unchanged. (Before it had no scaling)

The resistances of Tibbers now scale with 5% AP. (Before it had no scaling)

Tibbers base speed increased from 350 to 370.

W now does not report chemtech fog.

Upcoming changes to E and ability changes.

Fixed a bug where Azir wouldn’t cast his R right before he died.

W damage conversion changed from 15% to 7.5%.

Changed R heal info to be more clear with Q.

Work is underway to tweak the changes to W in 13.1.

Item Changes

Life changes from 350 to 400.

jungle changes

  • Chemical Tech Dragon Adjustments

Low health damage reduction changed from 10% to 11%.

Low health damage amplification changed from 10% to 11%.

Tenacity per stack changed from 5% to 6%.

HSP per stack goes from 5% to 6%.

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