Peridot, the game from the creators of Pokémon Go, comes out in May

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The new thing from Niantic is about getting some adorable creatures through augmented reality. No, we are not talking about Pokémon Go, although the resemblance is more than reasonable. The game is called Peridot, and it will hit the Apple and Android app stores on May 9.

Peridot is about finding, raising and taking care of virtual pets called Peridots or Dots for short. The basic part of the game, which is taking care of these little animals, playing with them or feeding them, is reminiscent of lifelong tamagotchi, but of course Niantic wasn’t going to stop at such a simple pet simulator. The game has a certain sports quantifier component because we can take the Dots for a walk and get different rewards for finding new places, traveling long distances or even finding hidden objects along the way. The multiplayer component of Peridot is all about collaborating with other players to breed our pets to get new species of Dots. This is how Niantic describes the new game in Press release:

Our team has worked hard to make the Peridots. They are amazing and immersive magical creatures that eat, sleep, play with toys, explore their environment, get bored, develop unique personalities and always need someone to help them. loving to adopt them like you.

Each Peridot is also 100% genetically unique. They inherit a mix of genes from their parents that can make them blue, black, metallic, furry, goat-horned, big-eared, bushy-tailed, and an infinite number of other things. appearances. Our team has marked someI know about thiss variants that we have identified as archetypes (Unicorn, Clownfish...). But if this excites you, it will be your responsibility as a Guardian to work with other Guardians. for discover all the different combinations of Peridots possible, including those that are beyond our own imagination.

Peridot | Coming May 9 | niantic

The game will be available on May 9, but if you register in its official website you will get a housewarming gift in the form of a festive hat for your first pet.

The first advances of the game reveal an AI engine much more complex than that of Pokémon Go and even able to recognize objects in the environment to some extent. The truth is after their recent layoffs and canceling several games, Niantic needs a new success to restore the glory that he experienced with Pokémon Go in his day. Trying to bring the Harry Potter franchise to augmented reality like he did with Wizards Unite It didn’t work as expected and the game ended up closing due to not having enough players. Pikmin it has also underperformed. Perhaps a fresh start with creatures not tied to any popular franchise is just what you need.

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