Players and Pro Players assure that Valorant is finished with the arrival of Counter-Strike 2

During this Wednesday Valve announced the arrival of the long-awaited sequel to Counter-Strike, which will be released in June and will be a completely free game, just like the current CS:GO. Counter-Strike 2 which, as we indicated, is not only a reality, but also the developers announced that the limited test of Counter-Strike 2 began yesterday, so several videos with real gameplay of the title have already been seen.

News that has generated countless reactions among the fans of the most important and popular competitive FPS in history, so many of them have aimed directly at what they have always called a copy of the Valve game: Valorant. A title that is known to draw on CS in various aspects, which is why many of these players who celebrate the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 say that Riot Games’ FPS is finished.

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Thought that has also been shared by Pro Player Shroud, who believes that the sequel to CS will send Valorant flying through the air, as he told one of his friends in a stream, assuring that everyone should stop playing it because with the arrival of Counter-Strike 2, Valorant “it’s over, it’s over”.

A feeling that apparently is also shared by other professionals who have spent a lot of time playing Counter-Strike, such as former pro player Jacob Winneche, who, although he did not say anything about Valorant, did make his expectation clear. ensuring that “Counter Strike 2 made me cry during a broadcast for the first time in my life. I have been living, breathing and loving Counter Strike for the last 15 years of my life. I also want to live, breathe and love Counter Strike for the next 15 years”.

Something that may be true since with the arrival of Counter-Strike 2, Valorant’s popularity will surely drop, although it will surely not be the end of it since if there is something that differentiates Riot’s game from other FPS, it is that it can run in teams with low-resource hardware.

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