Players criticize Niantic for adding feature

Some time has passed since the release of Pokémon GOthe game that constantly leaves many messages appearing on the screen during a game session, and now, an update has added a new type of notification, alert, or popup that lets you know what has been accomplished.

When players open Pokémon GO for the first time, they are met with a message telling them if there is a raid nearby. For those with Adventure Sync activated, another notification lets them know how far they walked. And if it’s Monday, a big block appears with a weekly summary followed by an explosion of bubbles filled with items.

Catch a Pokemon? Well, here are all the challenges the catch faced. Players are also reminded to purchase tickets to upcoming events, that they don’t have eggs hatching, and that the weather outside can be frightful. So it makes sense that another popup would seem like too much for some players.

New Size Record pop-in angers Pokémon GO players

The discovery of the new popup was posted on Reddit by user Srbscooby. The post was accompanied by a screenshot of Mightyena, but half of the screen was covered by a purple box detailing the Pokemon’s weight and size.

“Size registration popup now covers almost half of the screen,” the caption read. Prior to this update, Pokemon GO would alert players to a new size record with small banners above both stats.

“I don’t know why you insist on giving notifications of useless information,” one user commented, “However, we can’t get a notification when the nearby raid lobby is full or when there’s an unregistered Pokémon nearby.” Another player agreed, saying that he wished he didn’t get so many “Good Friend” notifications. One comment was repeated numerous times throughout the comments: “No one asked for this.”

“Oh yeah, because it wasn’t intrusive or annoying enough,” commented one trainer. They also pointed out that no one had asked for this popup alerting players to a meaningless feature whose sole purpose is to work towards getting a metal in the game.

It was later pointed out that this popup only appears for Pokémon XXL and XXS, but that didn’t seem to deter angry commenters. “It already makes it difficult to quickly scan a bunch of IVs for PvP possibilities, and now this will make it impossible.

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