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their Sound They inspire and shed light on the issues that concern us most and that are sometimes difficult for us to ask about. but from the beginning Podcast ‘Abecedario del Bienstar’, More than four years ago, dozens of professionals and broadcasters from around the world nutritionHe suitabilityThe Psychology And this Couple They have come through our microphones to tell us how to take better and better care of mind and body. Therefore, on the occasion of celebration of 8M, International Women’s Day We recall the path of these eight professionals, who have experience in very diverse fields in which they are already a reference.

importance of learning ask for helpThe weight loss in a healthy way, brain training To explore all its possibilities, to solve matters addiction to toxic relationshipsThe secret of reconnecting with exercise exercisesimprovement of work well and the importance of learning from us fear or dread and win mantle piece These are some of the topics we talked to these eight inspiring women.

1. Lose Weight with Boticaria Garcia

Weight loss is an ever-present issue that worries many people at some point in their lives…that’s why in this episode of the podcast, Marian Garcia, better known as Boticaria Garcia (@boticariagarcia on Instagram), let’s talk about those keys. In his book ‘Your Brain is Hungry’ (Planeta) he takes on the challenge of debunking the myths and prejudices about overweight with an informative, funny and rigorous tone.

Marian García (Boticaria García) is a Doctor in Pharmacy and graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and in Optics and Optometry. He has been promoting for more than 12 years, has received all kinds of recognitions and awards and more than half a million people follow his advice through social networks every day.

2. Leverage Your Brain, With Ana Ibáñez

How often do we say to ourselves, with that inner voice that accompanies us, “I can’t”, “It doesn’t work for me”, “I don’t know”, “It’s not my thing”, “I am like this”, “This is not for me”, “I am not capable”… We have thoughts in our brain and live life according to them. But what if we were convinced that our brain could “work” in another way to achieve our goals? Ana Ibanez, neuroscientist and author of ‘Surprise Your Mind’, reveals the infinite possibilities of the brain.

Ana Ibáñez (@anaibanez_g on Instagram) is a chemical engineer, former high-performance swimmer and helicopter pilot, although since 2011 she has been engaged in her passion, neuroscience. He has researched the latest advances in this field to achieve brain optimization and currently offers training for high performance and mental well-being in children and adults at Mind Studio (@mindstudio.es).

3. Find peace of mind with Belen Colomina

Audio and messages, emails, calls, commitments, pending tasks, news, information everywhere, music, photos, videos… and seasoning that cocktail of stimuli with our own internal dialogue. Our mind has no rest and does not know silence. Is it possible to silence that mental noise and those dark clouds that often overwhelm, block, and oppress you? Psychotherapist Belén Colomina, an expert in mindfulness, tells us about the ‘healing power of silence’, a guide to developing inner peace and learning to stay away from what hurts us.

Belen Colomina is a health psychologist, humanistic psychotherapist, meditation, mindfulness, compassion and yogi trainer and meditation is always with her as a training and mental health tool in both consultations and her wellness retreats. He joins us every Sunday on ABC Bienstar with guided audio meditations to face various struggles and everyday situations.

4. Learn to ask for help from Ana Belen Medialdía

Being strong, independent, decisive, enthusiastic and active does not mean that there should be moments when things overwhelm us and we need to stop or ask for help. This is hard for many of us, we don’t know how to do it or we don’t want to bother others, be a burden or admit our weakness. However, it is key to our self-esteem. That’s why psychologist Ana Belen Medialdía explains why some people find it difficult to ask for help and what consequences our attempts to cover everything have.

Ana Belen Medialdía is a psychologist specializing in strategic brief therapy approaches. He currently runs his own psychology center in Madrid, but also teaches courses and workshops on self-esteem and emotional management, collaborates with companies and spreads the word about psychology on his social networks. He has written 5. The books ‘Bittering Your Life Depends on You’ and most recently ‘The 5 Seasons of Self-Esteem’.

5. With Beatriz Gil Boveda we understand our phobias

Fear of flying, of storms, of the dentist, of snakes or spiders… nervousness when we have to speak in public, nervousness in dark places, uncontrollable dizziness in tall buildings, a certain Anxiety or anxiety people encountering wounds, blood or needles… where does fear end and phobia begin? Why do these types of disorders arise? Psychologist Beatriz Gil Boveda talks about the most common phobias and explains what can be done to prevent them from becoming part of our lives.

Beatriz Gil Boveda is a psychologist specializing in self-esteem, leadership and personal development. She is also the Founder and CEO of Psique Cambio (@psique.cambio on Instagram), a consultancy from which she tries to provide solutions and necessary tools to harness our strengths and increase motivation.

6. How to Avoid Toxic Relationships with Lara Ferreiro

You’re in a relationship, you can’t see life without him, you’re terrified that the relationship might end, that he won’t like you anymore, that he’ll feel disappointed if you don’t do what he expects of you. . .. You’re very addicted, but you feel sad, tormented and trapped Psychologist, relationship expert, Lara Ferreiro talks about addicted couples and explains why emotional patterns are sometimes repeated And how to escape that cycle.

Lara Ferreiro is an expert in emotional addiction, self-esteem, relationships and personal development for women. He currently combines personal clinical care with online therapy in his office in Madrid. He participates in psychology and emotional health conferences, collaborates on television, radio and digital media. She is also a university professor of psychopathology and has published the book ‘Addicted to an Asshole’ in Grijalbo.

6. What to do if you hate exercising

No one disputes the fact that to be healthy you have to move. But while there are great sports fans who do it for fun, there are also those who practice it regularly out of obligation; There is a third group who are convinced that they were not born for this. “I don’t like it”, “I don’t like it”, “I’m not good at it”, “My thing is something else” or “I don’t find the sport that appeals to me, or that inspires me” ” There are phrases to which they subject themselves. To eliminate physical activity from your life. Would it be possible to convince them that exercise is appropriate? We talked to coach Ale Llosa about it all.

Ale Llosa (@alellosako on Instagram) is the founder of the KO Method (@iliveko on Instagram) which unites four disciplines: boxing, martial arts, bootcamp and yoga. Her story is amazing, as she went from becoming the manager of some large shopping centers in Peru to designing her own fitness method, teaching it in her garage, and from there building a wellness empire that already has locations in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Only exists. , Ecuador and Spain.

8. How to be better at work

The work environment…so much goes into it! Bad bosses, unmotivated employees, team leaders, uncharitable coworkers, toxic attitudes, shared successes, personal accomplishments…satisfaction or frustration. We talked to Christina Jordan about how we behave, what we look for and want at work, and especially how to create good environments and better results.

Christina Jordan is a teacher, executive coach, and expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion. She has over 12 years of experience as a trainer in emotional intelligence and mindfulness training in organizations. She has been Professor of Psychology at the UCM Faculty of Education, where she has directed an Emotional Intelligence Program for 13 years and is also the Director of the 360 ​​Organizational Wellbeing Certification Program.

Lighthouse Women: Life Context

But during these four years in the Abecedario del Bienstar podcast we have been fortunate to have the nutritionist and pharmacist Elisa Escorihuela, the psychologist Petri Psicologia, the fitness expert, Esther and Gemma Pineda, Gemelas Pin, the researcher and scientist Teresa Arnandes, Silvia Congost, expert in psychological and emotional dependence, Paz Callap, expert in personal development, popular Elsa Punset, nutritionist Angela Quintas, coach and expert in verbal and non-verbal communication, Mónica Galán Bravo, couple expert psychologist María Ascalpez, meditation expert, Ursula Calvo, psychologist Irene López Asor, psychological and neuroscience expert, Ana Asensio, scientific disseminator Nazareth Castellanos, sexologist Silvia Sanz, yoga expert Juan Lan, psychologist Gabriella Paoli, Paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales, order and organization expert, Vanessa Traviso, in personal development Coach and broadcaster, Maria Fernandez, Paralympic athlete Sara Andres, entrepreneur and prescriber Paula Ordovas and Issavis, food technologist Gemma del Cano… the list is long but we hope you’ll help us build on it…

All episodes of ‘Abecedario del Bienstar’ can be found on the main audio platforms, such as Spotify, Ivoox, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Podimo. They are also available on YouTube.

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