Pokémon GO: How to beat Giovanni in February 2023 – Best counters

Giovanni ha renewed his team since this morning in Pokémon GO with a new special investigation for this February month of 2023 in Spain and the whole world that comes to us on the occasion of the new event of Takeover.

That’s right, he Team GO Rocket Boss has from now on Dark Registeel in his possession and, of course, in this news we are going to show you which are the Pokémon that make up his team and the best counters so that you know exactly how you can best defeat him. easily possible.

How to find Giovanni in February 2023?

The procedure to find to Giovanni in February 2023 in Pokémon GO is directly related to the Leaders of Team GO Rocket and the new Special Research titled Shadow Skirmishes. This research is available to activate in your journal from this Wednesday, February 1, 2023 yes you are level 8 of Trainer at least and if you have already completed previously the A Concerning Situation investigation (and any other Team GO Rocket investigations you still have going on).

In broad strokes and in summary This is what you must take into account to find Giovanni:

  • Get the Super Radar Rocket: You will get this special item as a reward during phase 3 of the Shadow Skirmishes special research.
  • Look for Giovanni: with the Super Radar Rocket equipped you will have to look for Giovanni at the different marked locations around you (note that the Super Radar does not work between 22:00 and 06:00 local time).
  • Beware of fake Giovanni: There will be Team GO Rocket recruits in different PokStops and flying balloons that will pose as Giovanni, making it difficult for you to find the real one.

Once you find the real Giovanni, you can face him and if you manage to defeat him you will have as rewards a guaranteed encounter with Dark Registeel.

Best counters to defeat Giovanni (February 2023)

It must be taken into account that Giovanni has extremely powerful pokemon on your team. As on previous occasions, his team make up three Pokémon. Always use Persian first and Dark Registeel third right now. Meanwhile, your second option can vary between several possible Pokémon.

These are the best counters that you can use against Giovanni’s current team in the month of February 2023.

Giovanni’s First Pokémon: Persian

Persian is a Pokémon that has usually been closely linked to Giovanni, that’s why the boss always take it out as the first match. Luckily I won’t make things too difficult for you.

Giovanni’s Second Pokémon

Giovanni’s second Pokémon is one different in each meeting, although the possibilities are usually limited to three or two different and possible per month or event. On this occasion, as part of the investigation Shadow Skirmishes, Giovanni is using Cloyster or Nidoking as a second Pokémonso these are the best counters against them depending on which one they randomly use in your fight.

  • Best counters against Cloyster: Ideally, use Fighting, Rock, Grass, or Electric-type Pokémon such as Kartana, Xurkitree, Terrakion, Pheromosa, Lucario, or Thundurus.
  • Best counters against Nidoking: Ideally, use Ground, Water, Psychic, or Ice-type Pokémon such as Hoopa (Unleashed), Galar Darmanitan, Mewtwo, Deoxys Attack, Alakazam, or Espeon.

Giovanni’s Third Pokémon: Dark Registeel

In third place Giovanni currently has Dark Registeel in the month of February of 2023. This third generation legendary Pokémon is of the Steel type and has among its attributes 143 attack, 285 defense and 190 HP. Obviously the best picks against Dark Registeel will be Pokémon and Fighting, Ground, or Fire-type moves.

The following are the best recommendations or counters for defeat Dark Registeel:

  • Reshiram: Fiery Fang and Suffocation.
  • Terrakion: Double Kick and Holy Sword.
  • Pheromosa: Low Kick and Accurate Wave.
  • Lucario: Counterattack and Aural Sphere.
  • Chandelier: Spin Fire and Suffocate.
  • Galarian Darmanitan: Fiery Fang and Suffocation.
  • volcano: Spin Fire and Suffocate.
  • Blazeken: Counterattack and Fiery Ring.
  • Zacian: Fiery Fang and Point Blank.
  • Landorus: Shot Mud and Earthquake.

Pokémon GOis available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details about the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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