Pokémon GO made changes to the rules of remote raids and its community is angry

Although Pokémon GO It came up with the idea of ​​being a proposal for players to go out and explore the world. Over the years, the Niantic game has evolved. The years of the pandemic were important to introduce some remote gaming options that have been very popular with the community by presenting very convenient solutions to be able to continue playing anywhere, this is the case of the remote raid passes.

Recently Niantic announced some major changes to the rules for ranged raids, including major price increases to Remote Raid Passes. As expected, the community is not at all happy with the adjustments.

What will change in the remote raids of Pokémon GO

From the Niantic blog it is reported that remote raid passes dominate in the experience of Pokémon GOwhich has led them to make adjustments to the rules for “balance” the game.

This is what the game blog says about it:

“After its introduction in 2020, Remote Raid Passes have dominated the Pokémon GO gameplay experience in ways we never expected. We’ve come up with two ways to encourage Trainers to play in person with friends, family, and the community: offer more Candy++ reward and add other new features.”

“Remote Raid Passes will continue to be a part of Pokémon GO. However, we believe this change is necessary to ensure the health of the game for the long term. We do not do it lightly. We feel it is a necessary step that brings us closer to our goal to preserve and enhance the unique gameplay experience of Pokémon GO, a game we hope you continue to enjoy in the future.”

That being said, Niantic thinks the solution to encourage players to opt for in-person raids over remote ones is toincreasing the price of remote raid passes and limiting the number of ranged raids you can do per day.

How much are remote raid passes going to cost? Pokémon GO

This is the complete list of changes as it appears on the blog of Pokémon GO:

  • Trainers may participate in a maximum of five Remote Raids per day.
  • This maximum may change and increase in special events.
  • The price of bundles of three Remote Raid Passes will increase to 525 PokéCoins.
  • The price of individual Remote Raid Passes will increase to 195 PokéCoins.
  • A bundle of three Premium Battle Passes will be added to the shop for the price of 250 PokéCoins.

As reference, the passes were priced at 100 coins individually and 300 in a set of three, which means that the increase is almost double. From Niantic it is also clarified that these passes will also be included in reward bags as research achievements, although these reward passes are subject to the inventory limit of three passes per player; if you get to have one more than the limit, it will be exchanged automatically for a premium combat pass

When do raid changes take effect? Pokémon GO

These settings will take effect on next April 6 at the following times. You can take the opportunity to buy your passes at a reduced price before their increase.

  • Mexico: 12:00 p.m.
  • Colombia: 1:00 p.m.
  • Peru: 1:00 p.m.
  • Chile: 3:00 p.m.
  • Argentina: 3:00 p.m.

the community of Pokémon GO rages at remote raid changes.

As expected, the community of Pokémon GO He’s not taking these changes very well, just like when the distance to interact with PokéStops and Gyms was reduced after the pandemic crisis.

Among the most recurring comments on social networks, the players argue that remote raids are a very practical solution to play outside of big cities where it is very difficult to find people to make the incursions face-to-face. Another of the recurring complaints has to do with the amount of time people have available to play and where remote raids are a perfect solution to continue playing from anywhere.

See all the comments at https://www.3djuegos.lat

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