Pokémon GO prepares an event with the most maddening Pokémon

Get ready, because on April 1 an event is going to be held in Pokémon GO that promises to be the most maddening, and a full-blown joke.

March is about to end and with it comes a rather dangerous month. Although it is not celebrated in Spain, many countries in different parts of the world celebrate the april fools during the April 1st with all kinds of pranks and pranks. Niantic also wants to join this party with a most upsetting event in Pokémon GO.

New Pokemon GO Cutiefly

The Korean account for Pokémon GO announces the imminent arrival of a new Bug-type Pokémon. Is a special event coming up?

Not everything was going to be easy, like the new ways to get Shiny Pokémon. As they have revealed in Poke Minershe april fools event Pokémon GO it’s ready. And what will it consist of? It’s still not entirely clear, but we do know that its protagonist is that Pokémon that many had nightmares about during the game’s launch, and for years: Pidgey.

Pidgey Pokemon GO

This creature, whose presence at the beginning of the game was as enormous as it was maddening, is going to take control. A series of Research Tasks should be activated on April 1st with a special event called Pidgey Pandemoniumor Pidgey’s Folly, in Pokémon GO. During this, the presence of this Flying Pokémon in the wild will increase, as well as its shapes XXS and XXL.

Hopefully it will go live soon as we are only a few days away from April 1st. Will you get carried away by the madness of this event in Pokémon GO Or will you prefer to leave it to others?

Ditto Pokémon GO

In this guide, we tell you which Pokémon can be Ditto transformed in Pokémon GO in March 2023, tips, and how to capture its Shiny form.


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