Pokémon GO presents a big problem with the friendship experience bonus

In Pokémon GO you can gain experience by raising the friendship level with your friends through daily interactions, its no a secret. The more you interact with your friends for a longer time, the more bonus you will get. However, there is a problem with this system which is affecting many players.

If Pokémon GO is characterized by something, it is because of the difficulty of gaining experience once certain levels have been reached. tall; the process is very long and exhausting.

There is a problem that is causing a headache for many players. When the Ultra Friendship level is reached in Pokémon GO (4 friendship hearts with a friend after interacting for 30 days) there is an experience bonus, unless one of the players stops being friends with the other before both players get the experience. experience bonus. This means that if you are careless and your friend removes you from the list, you lose all that experience that has cost you so much effort, while the other person does receive it:

Geez. Let me at least get the XP. from pokemongo

In this Reddit post it is shown by the user in question. As you can see the friend’s name is gone and although the game recognizes a friendship level, the experience is 0. Many players have joined the thread comments. Most understand that Niantic should put some kind of restriction on this kind of incident, in such a way that they have to wait 24 hours so that the person can unfriend you after reaching four hearts.

Other players say that there are many errors in general in this system of obtaining experience through friendship within the game, such as randomly removing friends from your lists, wrong amounts of experience received, and many more.

Tell us if this has happened to you, Nintenderos.


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