‘Pokémon Sleep’, the app where you play while sleeping, arrives this 2023

Pokemon is one of the most important, beloved and marketed media franchises in history, as well as being one of the funniest. Many claim that the plot of Pokemon lends itself perfectly to develop all kinds of games, but it’s just that Pokemon It never stopped being a game!

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Pokemon everywhere

Actually, Pokemon It emerged in 1995 as a video game for Nintendo consoles, but the response from children and adults was so good that from then on we began to see Pokemon On TV and everywhere.

Surely you have seen countless toys and games of Pokemon, from stuffed animals, pokeballs, cards, dolls and board games to video games in all their presentations and many more merchandise.

With the advent of technology came the most realistic game of Pokemon; of course we are talking about Pokémon Gowhich is used with an app to find pokemons in different parts, it can be in the city, in the countryside or in your house.

In addition to catching Pokémon with your Pokeballs, you can trade them with your friends, start battles, and do everything Ash Ketchum does.

Pokémon Go It has been such a great and extraordinary game that it seems that after that there could be nothing more. Or so we thought until recently…

How is Pokémon Sleep?

Despite the announcement four years ago that Pokémon Sleep would be launched in 2020, last Monday, during the event Pokémon Presents, it was announced that it will finally see the light of day this summer 2023.

Pokémon Sleep It is also a mobile game, but this one will be dedicated to monitoring your dreams with Snorlax and Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep specialist. Also, your dreams will be classified as dozing, snoozing, or slumbering. Afterwards, similarly sleeping Pokémon will gather around Snorlax.

The more you play, the more opportunities you’ll have to unlock unique sleep types for different Pokemon. All you have to do is press the app button when you are about to sleep and then press it again when you wake up.

It seems that, as with Pokémon Go, Pokémon Sleep It’s a simple game, which seems like no big deal until you start discovering all its features and get addicted to playing it. In addition, your sleep data may be used in Pokémon Go and both games will be paired, which will bring many surprises.

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What an exciting thing to come with Pokémon Sleephow about we exchange our player codes and start playing?

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