Popeyes will not carry chicken wings in the DR due to their high concentration of spiciness

Popeyes will not carry chicken wings in the DR due to their high concentration of spiciness

SANTO DOMINGO.- The iconic fried chicken brand Popeyes, which opened its doors on Winston Churchill Avenue on October 14, 2023, has decided not to introduce the world famous spicy wings to the Dominican market.

Brand executives report that the decision is based on the recognition that the product’s overly spicy flavor may not appeal to those sensitive to local cuisine.

The company, known for its commitment to Louisiana authenticity and flavor, has taken this measure to ensure that its gastronomic offerings continue to be enjoyed by all consumers. “We understand that hot wings will remain a favorite in other markets, but not in the Dominican market,” comments Isabel Turul, CEO of Agape Group.

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The brand will continue to offer a wide variety of accessories and sauces to choose from, both at its Winston Churchill Avenue and Sambil Shopping Center locations, serving its classic fried chicken pieces, crispy nuggets and the chicken sandwich that broke the internet. , Your customers.

“Popeye’s® reiterates its commitment to gastronomic diversity and looks forward to continuing to be a delicious choice for food lovers in the Dominican Republic. Likewise, it strives to adapt to the specific tastes of each region, thus guaranteeing a unique and satisfying experience for its visitors,” says Alexandra Boden, marketing director of the brand.


Founded in New Orleans in 1972, Popeyes® has more than 50 years of history and culinary tradition. Popeyes® distinguishes itself with a unique New Orleans-style menu that includes spicy chicken, chicken tenders and other regional dishes. The chain’s passion for its Louisiana heritage and authentic, delicious food has allowed Popeyes® to become one of the world’s largest quick-service chicken restaurants with more than 3,800 restaurants in the U.S. and all over the world.

Popeyes® Famous Chicken is freshly prepared, marinated for at least 12 hours in delicious Cajun, traditional Louisiana seasonings, hand battered and breaded, using proprietary seasonings and techniques for juicy, crispy chicken Slow cooked to perfection using. That’s why Popeyes® gets priority in its products, in 2019 when it launched its chicken sandwich, which took the internet by storm, bringing huge footfalls to its restaurants and helping the brand expand globally Milli, which became one of the fastest growing brands in the entire industry.

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Calleia, SAS As part of Grupo Agape, a business group, it is one of the largest fast food service companies in the Dominican Republic with 30 Burger King®, 19 Papa John’s® and 16 Krispy Kreme® restaurants. There are currently over 1,500 direct jobs, mostly young people, and also supporting local farmers and producers, giving them a new opportunity to market their goods and services, growing the agricultural sector And new international brands are also being introduced which provide confidence to the visiting tourists. the Dominican Republic.


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