PS Plus gives away exclusive content that all subscribers to the service will enjoy in February

You can enjoy free content in games like Fortnite, Rocket League or Overwatch 2 among others

The free PS Plus games for this month of February are already confirmed. Even though you can see it here with more detailsUsers to the basic plan, to the Essential, to the one of a lifetime, will be able to download the games that I put in the list below:

A total of four games that are not bad, considering that they are releases that are not so old, that is, they have been released relatively recently for what the service provides on many occasions. In any case, what many users do not know is that PS Plus gives away content for some games on a monthly basis, and it does not matter what level you have within the different levels of the subscription.

These are the free content that all PS Plus users will find this month

If you are a user who plays Brawlhalla, Overwatch 2, Fall Guys, Fortnite or Rocket League, pay close attention because you can download the packs listed below for free, at no cost. It will be enough for you to give the link to directly access the PS Store to download it:

Do you have PS Plus Premium? Well then you can try Gotham Knight

One of the great advantages of being subscribed to console payment platforms is the possibility of enjoying free games or as on this occasion, to try a game. Since nobody gives hard money for pesetas, there will be a time limit of one hour to play the game, during that hour we can do whatever we want, but once the time is up we will have to buy the game if we want to continue the adventure.

  • If you have PS Plus Premium you can enjoy a test gotham kinghts. 😜
  • The proof is limited to one hour of play. ⌚
  • To access the test will have to go to game page in the store Y have PS Plus Premium. ✨
  • This offer open the door to new users who have not decided to buy the game yet and decide with knowledge of the facts. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

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